MediaNav: a new version with Android Auto and Apple Carplay

November 6th, 2018
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A press release from Dacia in the middle of all announcements of the Paris Motor Show (the new name of the Mondial de Paris) unveils a new multimedia: a new version of MediaNav Evolution will bring Android Auto and Apple Carplay.


This new version that brings hardware different from the MediaNav we know will offer new possibilities for users. Thanks to smartphone projection solutions from Google and Apple we will be able to benefit from Google Maps and Waze directly on the screen of the MediaNav just by plugging his smartphone into the USB port of the GPS. It should be noted that the MediaNav is gaining a capacitive screen but the multitouch capability only works on Android Auto.

It is useless to wait for an update for the systems already released it is not planned in the program because the processor is not powerful enough to support these new functions.

This new MediaNav will begin its commercial life on Duster II before being extended to the rest of the range.

EDIT: Read the review of Android Auto / Carplay on the MediaNav Evolution v2.

Link of the official communication



One Response to “MediaNav: a new version with Android Auto and Apple Carplay

  • The cycle continues to not support existing users in the renault group and just introduce new stuff each 6 months. But a car for most users is not intended to be replaced in such a short ammount of time…

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