R-Link 2: the update is avalaible for download.

November 18th, 2018
GPS R-Link

This is a good time for Renault and the updates. After the deluge of map updates (even if it’s not finished), here’s a system update for the R-Link 2 that’s available since today.

It is, so for the 3.3.x.y branch. This can be downloaded from the easyconnect.renault.com website (before renault-multimedia.com) , the same method than the update.

You enter the VIN of your vehicle on this page (serial number starting with VF1 available on the registration form) and the site proposes the update for those who are currently in

Then it is a ZIP to decompress and put directly on a USB key in FAT 32 (not in a folder). Inserting the key into the vehicle will cause a pop-up to appear offering to install the update. Of course, like all updates, it is made with the engine on. This should be fast: less than 10 minutes.

We notice that Renault has improved its download page by putting all the update process.

For this one we have patches for maps, Bluetooth compatibility and finally the correction of bugs contributing to the stability of the system.

If you are in, normally no update will be proposed, a workshop visit will be necessary to switch to

A PDF with the detailed method is available below:


45 Responses to “R-Link 2: the update is avalaible for download.

  • Seems like Rlink system support is still nonr existent. My firmware is on the 2017 Koleos Intense and putting in my VIN in the co.uk site says that this car doesnt need an update. There is no Easyconnect for com.au.

    • It is because you first need to ask to your dealer to update to the After that it will be possible to update to

      • Thanks for the info. Seems like the online community knows more than our dealership. Dominelli Renault in Kirrawee Sydney is very behind the times. after a year, and two visits their techs keep saying there is no update. Cant help.Very poor Renault dealership

        • Hi Tim. I too bought my car (Megane) from dominelli in Kirrawee back in 2017. My 3.3 branch radio didn’t have carplay activated, but I found a way through the developer mode. I also found a way to update to the latest version 3.3x). If you want any help let me know.
          Another friend of mine got android Auto working on 2.2 version, and found a way to update it to 3.3. impossible to get carplay working on it though.

          • oscar
            5 years ago

            share your method please, always is grateful found new ways to bypass renaults xD

          • Razvan
            5 years ago

            Hello Adam. Maybe you can give me some tips on how to do it, my email is ubernetok at gmail com

          • Hey Adam! I only read this after the dealer finally updated it to and I used the DDT4ALL method to enable Carplay/AAuto!

            Still cant update to tho via the Website and VIN number. Care to share your method?


          • Sergio
            4 years ago

            I Adam. I have the same problem here. Dealer saying the only way to update is with online method but there is no update online. Could you share hoe did you upgraded to sermass16-rlink3@yahoo.com ? Thanks a lot

          • Hi Adam, I have a Megane 4 with the and no update avaiable in the Renault site, can you share the process update to 3.3 please?

          • Lukas
            3 years ago

            Hi Adam
            Am Italian and have a Megane sporter with 7 inch display R-Link multimedia system and no navigation app. May you give me please a help to how install?
            Renault site gives me no updates by searching with the car number and the car is not seen from the RLink Toolbox.
            My mail: lukas197224@gmail.com
            Thank you

          • nick
            1 year ago

            Hey Adam, it’s been 4years haha but please let us know how to get Android Auto on 2.2 or even better how to update to 3.3.x from 2.2.x

  • Hi,
    What version will I get after update? 7.xxx or 8.xx?

  • Hi. I have Koleos 2017 with version There is no update available for my Rlink. Why?

    As well – when is it planned to have update to 8.x ??

    • No idea why you don’t have update.

      I do not think there will ever be an update to 8.0.x.x because it is a new software branch and probably hardware.

      • May you address my issue to a tech team to clarify why is there no SW update available for me and my version? Because i will be not the only one definitely with such version. Thanks

        • Hello, I don’t have a “tech team” because it is a personal website and not an officiel Renault website. You can contact the Helpline to ask them the question.

    • As i wrote above – i have currently
      And today i got notice about update to available and needed for my Koleos.
      Took nearly 3 months for update to be scheduled.

      • UPS!!! Update did not download until now and now app says that there is no download. looks like Renault had serious issue with their download center.

  • someone knows if this update solve the spotify bug???

  • I had my dealer update my R-Link 2 to I’ve put in my VIN but am told there are no updates for my car. Why can I not get to the update?

    • I have the same problem as you…. can you help us? I get the same message!

  • Reinier Visser
    5 years ago

    There is a out today. Seems to be something with bug-fixing to increase the startup of different components Renault-NL told me. Not more specific than this

  • Hans Bosma
    5 years ago

    Mine was (not 960). Would that make a difference with the 960? (netherlands)

    • Hello , the last number doesn’t matter ?, I think it depends of the R-Link 2 type and the map include.

  • Hi, is this update an option for a 2017 Kadjar, currently running

    • As written in the article, it is only for system with the software version.

  • I’ve updated my Megane’s R-Link 2 yesterday.
    It resets all navigation settings to factory defaults and erases all saved gps places, including home place and workplace.
    Does someone knows if there is a way to backup data in the sd card or pen before doing this kind of update?

  • There is in my megane. It doesn’t see the update πŸ™
    I entered the VIN on the web site, and it said that the update is available. I downloaded, extracted and copied 3 files to the root folder of my music flash drive which works fine. But the r-link simply does nothing if I insert the flash drive and torn ignition on. Music plays, waiter 10 minutes. Nothing πŸ™

    • It is probably because you have already the last update for the 2.2 branch.
      The update this article refers is for the 3.3 branch.

    • Hello you say that an update is available on the Renault website for your Megane?

      • Hi,
        Actually no, is not on web site. It is currently installed in r-link. The site (easyconnect…) verified my vin and proposed me an update in zip. There are 3 files inside. I copied them to flash drive root. Should I put them in \R-Link folder?

  • Alvaro Ferreira
    5 years ago

    There are in my Grand Scenic IV. Appears to update!
    I joined the VIN on the site, and he said the update is available. I downloaded, extracted and copied 3 files to the root folder of my flash drive that works fine. But the r-link simply does nothing if I insert the pen drive and the ignition is turned on! What could be happening? Thank you

    • The files have to be out if I remember in a folder called “R-LINK”

  • Alvaro Ferreira
    5 years ago

    Ok, I got it updated, I did it again as explained, thanks

  • Hi there

    Just tried to download a new purchase for my renault megane and of course would not do this. Tried all on this page to see and guess what nothing. very frustrating when you purchase a product to the value of approx 4120.00 and nothing. The dealers here in Brisbane do not want a a bar of this to help. Tried with the UK help line and guess what they cannot help either. renault here in Australia send you to this site for all questions and dramas. They cannot help. Numerous emails back and forward and still no answers. Not happy with renault at all regarding R Link system.

  • I had the installed and now the Rlink2 system is asking me to ” upgrade” to new software which appears the 960 version. If I try to upgrade/downgrade, it says that I already have the newest software and it does thus not continue. The car system keeps asking me to upgrade though. How can I solve this?

  • Hi Everybody
    Is it a legal version or Cooked one?

  • I’ve already installed the about a month ago when it became available to me. Renault seem to take quite a while to update their database of cars eligible for the update – I had to wait 2 months before it was put on the database before the system informed me that I had an update available. Not sure what Hans is talkiing about when he mentions – as far as I’m aware there is not such version!!

  • On another forum I read others who had* (other than .960) installed too. They also had similar problem that they could not upgrade (or rather downgrade) to the 960 one (although notified on the screen in the car that there was an upgrade). In my case, the notification is no longer there, but still have the 961 version. Perhaps an issue for Dutch users only, not sure.

    • It can be 961, 966. It is the same update. If you have 961, you are up to date! πŸ˜‰

  • kutluay
    5 years ago

    Today v published in rlinkstore,for v users

  • Very interesting when will be published update for

  • Hello guys. do this update activate the Mirroring link for Mobil phones?

  • hi

    plz answer kriz and my question
    ! do this update activate the Mirroring link for Mobil phones

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