R-Link 2: the new version

In October there was the Paris Motor Show.

Personally, I went a little bit with leaden feet because Renault’s only new product was the restyled Kadjar… Kadjar, which didn’t even receive the R-Link 2 large format but lost the rotary volum button, which is so practical. In short, it was not the joy and it was a bit of a calm before the storm called Clio V.

You should know that on the Renault stand people always look at me strangely because I go from car to car, practically only looking at the GPS and plugging in my smartphone via USB. Strange the guy… So I did a tour and no news, except… On the Espace V which was first presented with the 2.0 dci 200 hp (the return of the mythical 2.0 dci, a killing this engine but this is not the subject of the site…).

This is the last vehicle on the stand I visited and I was this close to leaving until I looked at the version of the system: Seeing this I tried to lock myself in the vehicle to quietly torture this R-Link 2 despite the crowd.

First observation, we are faced with a new branch (the 8). At least the engineers came to their senses because on the previous branch they had gone from 3 to 7 directly (I still have no explanation or found branches 4, 5 and 6). The branch provided shortcuts at the top of the screen to quickly access navigation, audio and phone.

Here are the new features I noticed.

For the replication we are in full screen without manipulation to do for Android Auto. It should also be noted that the shortcuts at the top and bottom are kept (especially the outside temperature). The interface is still better finished than the replication on branch 3 and 7 where it is empty around. THE R-Link button at the bottom takes us directly to the system home page.

Note that if the phone is not powerful enough for full screen viewing, there are 2 shortcuts that appear under Android auto (this time in small format) which allows you to switch easily between navigation and audio. However, it is a pity that for the audio widget there are no Previous/Next buttons like the audio widget on the home screen.

Another big new feature that I didn’t notice at the show because I don’t have an Apple device is that Carplay is now on the big screen based on this photo from the Argus test of the Espace V 2.0 dci 200ch (to be read here). However, I don’t know if it’s limited to certain iPhones or not. Good news for Apple users. I think that Renault is the first car manufacturer to launch Carplay in full screen mode.

A quick look at the navigation screen shows us the appearance of an automatic zoom option: we can therefore unlock the automatic zoom and force a zoom level. Good point. However, I don’t have the impression that it is possible to disable it only for one view (for example 2D) and keep the automatic zoom in 3D. Too bad it’s possible on an R-Link 1 (and I find it practical!).

It is also possible in the options to disable Automatic Zoom when you are on the highway.

Finally, I noticed the appearance of a Widget to put on the home screen to manage the air conditioning, a good thing. With the engine not running, I couldn’t look at the complete air conditioning management screen, which may have evolved.

There are probably other subtleties, but it was not easy to be quiet.

This new version of R-Link 2 will most likely be deployed on the rest of the range on the new vehicles in the coming months (as was the case with version

On the other hand, there is no information about an update of the 3.3.x.x and 7.0.x.x branch to take advantage of new features on older systems.

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