Easy Link: the 9.3 inch version in the Clio 5.

February 4th, 2019
GPS R-Link

That’s it ! It has arrived the new Clio: the 5th generation of this emblematic model of the diamond brand.

Renault has chosen to make a revelation by only broadcasting photos without technical information. For more details it will be necessary to wait for the Geneva show in March.

Some pictures of the outside.

Note that LED headlights will be standard for all Clio V.

Inside, it’s the revolution in the very good sense of the word! The previous generation had been criticized, rightly, for the quality of the materials offered in its cabin. Renault has obviously (from the photos), took the problem to the body.

We discover a cabin with a lot of new things for the Renault universe.

First of all we can not miss the 9.3-inch version of the Easy Link system we discovered last week on the Twingo in a version without navigation 7 inches (read the article).This beautiful screen therefore sits in the center of the console, it is slightly curved forward. This screen should only be standard on the Initial version.

For other versions we should have a 7 inch landscape version. Here is a photomontage made by Cliomax of the forum Worldscoop which allows to get an idea (his gallery of photoshops).

He also made a version with a basic car radio.

Regarding the 9.3-inch version, we double the screen area compared to the 7-inch screen, rather appreciable. No additional information except that there is induction charging in front of the gear lever. We can already regret that there is no rotary knob to manage the volume easily, it seems to be controlled from the screen.

Another big change: the cluster. On the basic vehicle should be found classic needles but no photo. At the level above we find a cluster with a 7-inch screen, the same size that is already on the Renault range: Kadjar, Mรฉgane, Espace … Here graphics have been reviewed and it’s a good news. They are more serious and I prefer them widely.

Then on the most upscale versions, there is a 10-inch cluster, the largest of the entire Renault range (ahead of Espace, Talisman …). Renault even made a small video with the different possible styles.

Here are screenshots.

We already notice that it is possible to directly display the GPS map, a function that is highly anticipated and already present in the competition. The autonomy seems to be permanently displayed, a good thing.

As there was not much information with the photos we can still observe them carefully and there are small news.

First of all, ergonomics revolution in a Renault: the famous button to activate the cruise control / speed limiter is no longer hidden somewhere in the passenger compartment (usually between the 2 seats). He now migrates on the steering wheel, we can then do everything with the left hand!

Another change concerning a symbol of Renault ergonomics: the satellite to control the sound right behind the wheel. New shape with what looks like a big rotating wheel behind.

In the center we can observe an electric parking brake (first for the segment) with an automatic function (vehicle stopped at a traffic light for example).

Bose is renewed as provider of high-end systems, twitters migrate at the level of the amount before. Note that the subwoofer has been perfectly integrated in the trunk unlike the current generation.

On the picture of the initial Paris that seems to have really beautiful seats, two details.

First of all the presence of a mirror without border (like Volvo) but also an SOS button. Renault has always dragged the paw to implement this option available at Peugeot for almost 20 years. The system automatically calls (with probably an SMS containing the vehicle’s position) the help in case of airbag release or it is possible to call them directly with the button. I personally know someone who has been saved thanks to this system, I can only rejoice at his arrival. Renault is only applying European legislation that now imposes it on new models.

Full of good things with this new cars, highly additional information with the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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