R-Link 1 and Carminat TomTom : important update!

By visiting the website easyconnect.renault.com I noticed a banner indicating an important update for Carminat TomTom and R-Link 1.

This update which concerns these 2 systems aims to correct the so-called WNRO bug (Week Number Roll Over). To make it simple: a counter to count the weeks in the GPS will arrive at the maximum beginning of April 2019 which will cause malfunctions in the system. This bug already happened the August 21st 1999. Moreover, for once, Renault communicates on the content of the update. This bug will affect the clock, the navigation and the connected services, in short many things!

It is therefore strongly recommended to make this update.

We can notice that Renault push a notification directly on the system. Essential update of your R-Link.

For Carminat TomTom, TomTom Home software is always used as usual. It is funny to see that the last update for this system is from December 2010. The new version is 8.843. Thank you to Renault and TomTom for not having dropped this highly deployed GPS in Renault vehicles. The Carminat TomTom Live doesn’t need update. To read all the steps to update your Carminat TomTom: go to this page.

R-Link 1: it is a big news, because this is the first update to be published outside the R-Link Store. We find exactly the same process as for the R-Link 2: a page (available here) where we enter the serial number of the vehicle to access the download page. The new software version is 11.344.

We download a zip of 241 MB. Once downloaded you must extract the file TOMTOM.000 which is inside and put it directly on a USB key in FAT32 (without putting the file in a folder).

After just insert the USB key in the vehicle for the update is done in about 20 minutes. I advise to eject the SD card with the map before the update. The process is really much simpler than with the R-Link Store and the R-Link Toolbox. If the USB stick is not recognized, you can place the update on a blank SD card formatted in FAT32 and insert it into the R-Link instead of the SD card containing the map.

PDF guide:  RLINK1-software-upgrade-guide-EN

Youtube video for R-Link 1:

And Carminat TomTom:


27 Responses to “R-Link 1 and Carminat TomTom : important update!

  • Any problems with unlock android auto feature ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • No change 😉

    • I had the AA unlock before the update and still have after update so don’t worry. Just do the update, is very important!

  • Hello,

    I had a message on my Rlink screen telling me to update the system before April and I have just looked at your site for more info. Would the update affect the running of TOMTOM live (which is what I also have in my system)?
    Do you think that Renault dealerships would be willing to do updates? I am worried that it would go wrong and that I would not be able to access anything (maps, TOMTOM live, phone etc …)

    • Hello,
      Don’t worry the update is very simple, just follow the steps and everything will be fine. 😉

  • OK, I will try it. You seem to have more faith in me than myself!

  • Good morning, I followed the instructions exactly, but when I put the USB stick in the car and wait, nothing happens.

    • Hello, you just put the file “TOMTOM.000” directly on the USB without the Zip file or any folder and nothing happens?

    • If it doesn’t work with the USB stick. You can try to take a blank SD card and put the update on it… You eject the SD card with the TomTom map navigation and put the SD card with the software update . After the update, you can put again the SD card with the map navigation.

      • Eddyvan den Bosch
        1 month ago

        Are you sure, I can not destroy anything with it?

        • If you follow the steps, do the update with the engine ON and don’t remove the usb stick until the update is done. No problem 😉

  • Rlink 1 descargado tras poner número de bastidor actualizado desde un pen Drive ,todo bien

  • Al descargarlo lo he descomprimido y metido el archivo TOMTOM.000 en un pen Drive

  • Megane 3 Gt-line
    4 weeks ago

    Kolay gelsin benim aracımda r-link tomtom live mevcut sürüm bilgisi11.317.1526528-5008 ancak 11.344 de güncellemk için siteye girdiğimde güncellemene gerek yoktur ibaresi çıkıyor ve yeni sürümü indiremiyorum. Ne yapmam gerekiyor bu konuda yardımcı olursanız sevinirim

  • Megane 3 Gt Line
    4 weeks ago

    Evet indirdim ve R-link cihazıma yükledim güncellemeyi teşekkür ederim. Sizden bir konu hakkında yardım alabilirmiyim acaba benim cihazımda sd-cardı takınca bu cihazda bu harita kullanılmaz Turkey-619 hatası veriyor. Bunun nedeni ne olabilir acaba sd-cardın içinde harita mevcut bu konuda yardımcı olabilirmisiniz acaba?

  • Hello,
    Just done mine following the instructions given and it has done the update. No issues at all. I still have the live TomTom too. Thank you. Mel

  • Now the easyconnect website points out that the update is only necessary for R-Link-Evolution and Carminat, and no longer for R-Link1. Isn’t it odd?!

  • I put tomtom.000 on my usb 8gb formated in fat32 and when i connect nothing happen i than try with sdcard and same nothing happen i have version 11.343.x.x.x

    I dont know what to do now.

  • Sorin Mihail Vasilescu
    2 weeks ago

    Am incercat intai sa pun fisierul pe un stick USB formatat FAT 32. Nu s-a intamplat nimic la introducerea in sistemul masinii….

    Asa ca …

    Am vers 11.343. pun SD card (TomTom) in card reader (in calculator). Pornesc programul rlink Toolbox. Zice ca a aparut o noua versiune. Ok.

    Bag SD in masina cu motorul pornit. Zice ca a detectat o vers mai noua si daca vreau update. Ok. Stau 20 de min sa rasneasca. Update completed.
    Ma uit la versiune si e tot 11.343. ?!?!?


    PS: nu inteleg de ce trebuie sa stau cu motorul pornit… Probabil ca sa nu ramana fara curent… Dar cat sa consume un procesor…. Bateria are 70Ah…
    PS2: pacat ca nu permit citirea de mkv.

    Am observat ca dimensiunea TOMTOM.000 – 11.344 este de ~457MB iar cea 11.343 este ~2GB !!

  • Sorin Mihail Vasilescu
    2 weeks ago

    Update la 11.344 cu succes. Pur si simplu nu ii plac anumite stick-uri usb.
    Atentia ca aplicatia Rlink pt romania – considera ca ultimul update este 11.343.

  • I’ve tried to update the TomTom in my Renault, everything goes fine until a number of updates have a red mark against them and a message comes up to say the procedure was interrupted, (which it wasn’t) and the “Done” bit lights up. When it takes me back to the start, it says that the sat nav needs updating ???

  • abcdef
    6 days ago

    I have asked Renault dealer to make the update which seemed to have been successful. However, whenever there is no GPS coverage, the r-link 1 reboots. It happened to me at least once every day in the last 3 days. Very annoying!

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