Apple Carplay: What’s new in the future iOS13?

July 22nd, 2019
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The future version of iOS 13, which should be available in September, will bring a new version of Carplay.

Carplay is available on compatible R-Link 2 and the latest version of MediaNav Evolution.

The first big innovation concerns the home screen. Instead of arriving on the classic application grid, we arrive on a screen with widgets that remind us of what we find on R-Link 1 and 2.

Thus we have a small Map Widget on the left and on the right a navigation widget that displays either shortcuts if no guidance is launched or navigation instructions.

Below is an audio widget that allows you to interact easily with the music.

A button at the bottom left still displays the grid with all applications as before (the button then returns to the home screen).

A calendar application is now available to easily consult the day’s schedule. If an address is mentioned, a click will launch the navigation easily.

A “bright” mode is emerging. It can be decided in the parameters whether or not to use it during the day. At night, that will always be the dark theme.

Siri no longer takes the entire screen, when it is active, it is only visible at the bottom of the screen, which avoids hiding any guidance instructions.

On the Music application side, we notice the appearance of poets in the menus.

Latest news, we will be able to interact on the iPhone without this affecting what is displayed on the car screen. 

All these new features look great and will arrive with iOS13 in September and will be immediately available on Renault and Dacia compatible GPS units, i.e. the R-Link 2 and the MediaNav Evolution v2.

Screenshots from iGen

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  • Unfortunately the new Portrait mode, or extra rows are not available yet on my r-link2 yet with iOS13.

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