R-Link 2: iOS version 13.2 now available fixes the bluetooth bug

October 29th, 2019
GPS R-Link

The iOS13 update was a little painful for R-Link 2.

Indeed, as mentioned in this article, the new version of iOS for iPhone had introduced a nasty bug that made the Bluetooth connection inoperative.

Apple just released a new version of iOS last night: version 13.2, which fixes the bug based on the latest comments received, so good news! It is therefore recommended to install this version.

4 Responses to “R-Link 2: iOS version 13.2 now available fixes the bluetooth bug

  • is valable pour media nav

    • I didn’t know that there is a bluetooth problem with Media NAv What is the problem?

  • Still same issue after update iOs 13.2.3. Please support.
    I tried all the actions in this and the other post about this bug.


  • Go to Menu, Apps, Privacy, make sure data sharing is On; go back to My Apps, start User Profiles, enter your pass, disable Authentication by Bluetooth, then remove R-Link bluetooth from your (i)Phone; reboot (i)phone and R-Link 2 (hold “power” button until it goes black); power on both devices and connect all over again, step by step. Do not forget to enable “Authentication by Blueetooth” back in settings in User profiles R-Link 2 app. Hope this helps.

    p.s. still have problem with Siri – it won’t go online at all, but it has to do something with my Vip card in iPhone. I will try to check with my service.

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