🌍 What’s new in Google Maps in OpenR Link?

January 25th, 2024

One of the big advantages of the OpenR Link system with Google is that you only receive updates from the Google Maps app without having to wait for an update of the full system from Renault. This allows for a great responsiveness for Google and a navigation system that is always up to date!

I’m going to group together the different new features of Google Maps here.

2024/01 – 3D Building Displays

The display is on the 2 screens. Good news, it’s deactivatable in the options. Because personally, I find it beautiful but not practical in a dense city because it hides the surrounding streets on the map. Small disappointment, it is not possible to display only the remarkable buildings in 3D (the Eiffel Tower in 3D is cool after all) and hide the classic buildings as you can do on an R-Link 2 or on a TomTom. Let’s not deny our pleasure, visually it’s beautiful!

2024/01 – Send a destination from your smartphone.

This is a really handy feature! Of course, the option to send the destination from your smartphone exists from Easy Link and the My Renault app. But in terms of usage, of course you do your search on Google Maps (or Apple Map) not on My Renault.

This feature is currently being rolled out (in waves) and requires you to have the same Google account in the car and on your smartphone. You then have to check that in the settings on Google Maps the Renault smartphone is selected.

Simply search for directions and click on the “Send to Vehicle” button. Simple and effective! Routes can be sent with stages.

However, currently, for this to work, you need the Orange data plan or be in tethering with the smartphone.

2023/12 – The new colors of Google Maps

Google has rolled out a new color palette for the Google Maps basemap on all devices: computer, tablet, smartphone, and automotive. No jealousy!

So we’re on more pastel tones, we like it, we don’t like it. Personally, I find that the main axes are less visible, to be seen in use (and Google can always make adjustments.)

Old colors on left and new colors on right.