Install Android Auto / Waze / Apple Carplay on R-Link 2

May 21st, 2019

The handling below may irreparably damage your vehicle, if you are not sure what you are doing do not do the handling. The site can not be held responsible.
This manipulation is a hack, it is not official, you can not get help from Renault if it goes wrong.
Why the first R-Link 2 are not compatible with Carplay Android Auto? The development of R-Link 2 had to start at the release of R-Link 1 in 2012. At that time neither Android Auto nor Carplay existed since they were presented in June 2013 and 2014 while the R-Link 2 Link 2 was presented in … 2014. But whether it’s Google or Apple, there are material requirements that are imposed on car manufacturers. It was therefore too late for Renault to integrate them right out in the specifications. Renault has had to change its hardware in 2017 knowing that the validation of developments is a much heavier process in the automobile than in the smartphone world for example, especially because there are security issues. This explains it even if it’s frustrating I grant you.

Internet is amazing, smart guys have found a way to install Android Auto and Apple Carplay on the R-Link 2 of Renault Scenic IV marketed without replication. As it’s a little mess on the web, so I compiled all the info. No need to ask your garage Renault to do so, its computer equipment is not able to activate the function.

To enable smartphone replication (Android Auto / Apple Carplay) on the R-Link 2 there are some prerequisites:

  • First of all, you need a R-Link 2 from the 3.X branch, if your software version starts with 2.X, you do not have to try it, it will not work. Only the Scenic 4 and Megane Sedan had R-Link 2 compatible without replication enabled.
  • Then it is necessary to have the last version: If this is not the case it is necessary to update the R-Link 2 by making an appointment at a Renault garage.
  • Have an ELM interface (all are not compatible, those are recommended) with the 25k80 chip.

  • Download the DDT4all software ( click here ), an open source program made by an enthusiast. ( see his website )
  • Find a recent DDT2000 database (it’s up to you)
  • Once all this is done let’s start.

Install the DDT4all application on your computer.

Download and install the drivers for the interface ( see this page ). With Windows 8 and 10 you may need to do the manip explain on this page to install the drivers. (No need if you use wifi).

Copy the DDT2000 database to the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ddt4all directory.

Start DDT4all and check that the interface (connected) is detected by appearing on the first window.

If the interface appears well, you can go to the vehicle and connect the probe to the ODB socket of the vehicle. To find out where your ODB socket is, you can visit this site.

Select your interface, check the box as you are aware that you should not do anything and select “connected mode”.

Activate the Expert mode (Einstein icon at the top), then select the after sales mode from the drop-down menu.

Select left from the top:

  • XFA – Scenic IV
  • RadNav 2.2 (in Audio [$ 13]
  • RadNav configuration 2.0 – Part I
  • Choose the Screen tab at the top.

Select the Read All button at the top right

Then make the left and right parameters display the same values for the block above.

Then you can change the following settings:

  • SPVR: Present
  • Carplay: Authorized
  • AAP: Authorized

Then validate the big yellow button: Write RadNav 2.0 config

On the lower part you will see the frames of writing scroll. Once that’s good you can restart the Renault R-Link 2 with a long press on the power button of the R-Link 2.

Enjoy! ??

137 Responses to “Install Android Auto / Waze / Apple Carplay on R-Link 2

  • For 2.X version is not posible to activate mirror link ? Because of hardware or software ? Have you tried ?

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      I don’t know exactly what is missing (hard-soft) but I tried on a 2.x version and I did not succeed because the options were missing.

    • I think software… only 3.X supports active mirror, and by now, you can’t update from 2.X to 3.X, only new cars will have it…. this sucks

      • admin3553
        6 years ago

        No there are hardware differences ?

        • A guy from Romania did from 2.x to 3.x on Rlink 2, but only special versions of 2.x. Check the forums!!!

  • What kind of differences?

  • hussain
    6 years ago

    my car is koleos but it not workong

    • Abdullah
      6 years ago

      Did you try the above instructions?

    • may i contact you please?

      my car is koleos 2018 & my r-link2 ver.3 & above i did all of the instructions i think the problem is a connectivity issue i need someone to support me

      • Francisco
        4 years ago

        I managed to get android auto and carplay working on my Koleos. You can contact me if you need help

        • Hi Francisco, I have a 2017 Koleos II and it does have a ver 3.3 on it, downloaded and installed the DTT4all and got the FTT2000 database for later 2017 a well, I bought a wireless ELM just the same you have in the photo but wireless, it connects fine at first, the moment I select the Audio to show the screens it doesn’t respond for couple of minutes and then disconnects from the ELM and can’t reconnect again, tried few times with the same scenario always happening, can you please help?

  • Elicopters
    6 years ago

    Costruire una chiave obd per apple/android come per mercedes? Sarebbe possibile? Io ho una megane IV versione 2.2.

  • Abdullah
    6 years ago

    Does this method work with Koleos 2017 (made in 12/2016) ? Please confirm. My current software release is

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      I think, but I don’t see anybody trying on a Koleos (Renault always told me that all Koleos have the smartphone replication)

      • Abdullah
        6 years ago

        I will give it a try, and I will let you know the result. But meanwhile, from where I can find a recent DDT2000 database?.

        • Sulaiman
          6 years ago

          Dose it work with you Abdullah or not ?
          in what update version you try on it ?

        • Any update? they say all koleas have this mirror shit!
          but mine not! and now I upgrade to 3.3, still the mirror did not show. so any experiences for koleos?

  • Adam Riley
    6 years ago

    I have tried this with a 09/17 Koleos with version software. I can set the setting fine and the mirroring option comes up on the system but when I plug in an iPhone it keeps connecting and disconnting. Tried with geniune cable and different model iPhones. Any ideas? It’s an Australian delivery car.

    • Same issue here with my Koleos..
      I think it’s conflicting with other settings!

      My current settings:

      Wifi Presence: Not present
      RES: Present
      SPVR: Present
      Screen Orientation: Portrait
      2H RES Timer: Present
      LKA: Not Present
      LDW_Type: Audio LDW
      Embedded VR: Authorized
      E-Call volume level: 15
      CarPlay: de-activated (Changed to: authorized)
      AAP: de-activated (Changed to: authorized)
      SED level 1 Min: 1
      SED level 2 Min: 21
      SED level 3 Min: 41
      SED level 4 Min: 61
      SED level 5 Min: 85
      Baidu Carlife: Not Present

      • And the RadNav version is v2.3 not v2.2

      • can you repair the issue with you koleos.
        i have a koleos with and i wuold like to install or activate car play too.

    • ply


      I couldn’t complete the process since get an error because of odbII device or computer. I will write there on my next try. Please inform me if anyone success on Koleos 2017.



       18 hours ago


      I have try this on my new koleos.Android auto work well.but apple car play not working!it keep conecting disconecting… apple car play need special hardware?

      • Moh Salah
        2 years ago

        Hi Alizi,
        What was your software release version when you got Android Auto to work?
        I have New Koleos as well with software version and not able to get this to work at all.

    • Anthony Ransome
      3 years ago

      Hello Adam, did you mange to get Android Auto on your koleos with rlink version 3.3?

  • …… Apple CarPlay… , actually 🙂

  • Dear Sirs

    I’ve bought brand new Renault Talisman Initiale Paris Energy TCe 200 EDC Sto 4 control (full packed) in November 2017 with R-Link2 installed. I’ve updated system to latest one using Fat32 formatted SD card and all works great BUT my car is NOT online (all free apps I downloaded from My Renault website but I had to set Croatia (there is no Serbia!? as selectable country) and I’ve got Calculator, My Profile and few more that are free). I want to get more PAID apps (all works here, PayPal, Bank Transfer, anything online) but I just want to be able to see traffic and any other (default) views (that even works in Google Maps).

    Car Play works well (even it has some a bit strange graphics bugs in car play maps, some pixels dissapearing and reappearing, like overlay problems with PC’s graphics cards (I have iPhoneX but worked better with iPhone7 before, strange errors appearing with blue tooth connection, it can disable blue tooth connection sometimes?) but I am more interesting in going ONLINE with Renault Talisman). As (at current state – my car is OFFLINE – even I turned on all sharing datas etc.) – no GPS connection with the rest of the world? Is it possible to set iPhone as router and go online & download / buy some apps? Or – how to turn on data connection (Connect button on R-Link2 is gray, non-pressable).

    Please can you help me, I really enjoy in car but this “bug?” really annoyes me. People from official Renault said that they can`t help me – they do not know how to set it up to go online?!

    Thank you in advance,
    Nykk / Belgrade

  • do you know if DDT4All with ELM327 WIFI?

  • Orkun Kızılırmak
    6 years ago

    Does anyone know how to enable the engine sound on sport mode? I have heard a few times that it worked as most of the people but it is not activated anymore. I have r link 2.2 so I know that rsound is not available, but engine sound should be. I have enabled some features from ddt4all but could not make engine sound to work. So does anyone know what should be changed on ddt4all to permanently enable the engine sound on sport mode

    • Orkun Kızılırmak
      6 years ago

      After activating the code onDDT4ALL I forgot to reset the R-Link by long pressing the off button. Now even the RSound is working (2.2.x.x)

  • Will this work on Kadjar with the same R-Link 3.3.16?

    • If your Kadajr has a 3.3.16 R-Link version you already have the smartphone replication.

  • Hi,
    A quick question about changing these parameters… When parameters are changed, is the programme history updated? I am thinking that prior to getting the vehicle serviced, one might want to set the system back to the factory settings, however if the history reflected that changes had been made, the technician would be able to detect this.

  • Hello,

    I’ll try it on Koleos 2017. Where can I find ddt2000 database? Can it be done without it?

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hello, could you perform the process in your koleos ??
      Works or not ??

      • Hello,

        I couldn’t complete the process since get an error because of odbII device or computer. I will write there on my next try. Please inform me if anyone success on Koleos 2017.

        • I have try this on my new koleos.Android auto work well.but apple car play not working!it keep conecting disconecting… apple car play need special hardware??

          • Tolga
            5 years ago

            Hi Alizi,

            Where can I find DDT2000 database?

          • yoshi
            5 years ago

            Same thing here. tried this on new Koleos 2017. Android auto success, but apple carplay keep connect-disconnecting. tried various cables and several different iphone all with ios 11. anyone get a solution?

          • Chico
            4 years ago

            Can someone please let me know what Data base I should use with a Koleos 2017 Intens? I’m mainly interested in getting Android Auto to work.

            Thanks guys

  • Giuseppe
    6 years ago

    hi, does it work with Scenic 4 and r-Link version

  • I think that I have an issue with the program… it always goes in (not responding) when I try to go from radnav 2.3 to the configuration. Only way is to try to close and tell windows to try to resume… but in this case i get the screen but it disconnects… i tried with 2 different pc bot with win10. Any idea/suggestion?

  • hello guys
    I’m trying to activate it on my talisman 2017, but there are some problems ahead.
    first of all I didn’t find any appropriate ecu database for my car so i tried to setup just like the photos. but RadNav 2.2 didn’t exist in Audio [$ 13], so i tried with other choices like radnav 1.6 and… but there was no data on the right side.
    any one can help?? thanks in advance.

    • The manipulation only works on Scenic with 3.3.x.x R-Link version. If on your Talisman you don’t have the smartphone replication that means you have a 2.2.x.x R-Link version and you can’t have Android Auto/Carplay.
      Thanks to read correctly the page, all is correctly explained!

      • hello and thanks for the reply.
        but as you read on comments other renault products, like talisman also has rlink2 with software version installed, and of course there is a function under the name smartphone replication but it is disabled. it would be appreciated if you could help on this.

  • i tried to do the same on my talisman and right now r-link is not working :((

  • hello ,
    I will try this in my new KOLEOS,Android auto work well.but Apple carplay does not work, does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    • What database did you select for your Koleos? I would love to get Android Auto working on my Koleos.
      Thanks mate

  • Hello,

    i tried this too, Android Auto and Apple Car Play works fine. No problems.

    It`s really GREAT.


  • Hello all,
    Can the rlink 2 be reset to factory settings after activating carplay?
    (in case it needs servicing while within warranty).
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello again,

    Part 2 🙂 …

    In here it says that this version has been tested to activate carplay.
    The dealer has updated my Scenic 4, RLink 2 software to
    Can CarPlay be activated on this version of software using the described method?

  • Hi,
    Can a factory reset be done after carplay has been activated?

  • Sikkender Basha
    6 years ago

    I have Megane 4 and software version is 3.3.15xxx. I can’t find smart phone mirroring.
    If I do the above instructions it will work or not.


    • Yes I think but before you need to go to your dealer to update to

  • sikkender
    6 years ago

    I visited dealer today as per them 3.3.16 is available for 2018 model and for 2017 model no update available in the system to upgrade from 3.3.15 to 3.3.16.
    is there is anyway get from other region.

    • Sikkender Basha
      5 years ago

      I updated R link2 with latest version, but still mirror link or smart phone mirror icon is not appear.
      Any suggestion….

  • Hello
    When I click on the read all button, it does not return any information. What should I do to fix the problem?

  • Hi
    What happens if I change “Wifi presence” to Present in my car (new koleos)

  • Matija Blešć
    5 years ago

    Can anyone tell me where can i find latest DDT2000 database? thnx in advance

    • Hi
      you can find it at this page:

      • Matija Blešć
        5 years ago

        Thank you very much

      • Matija Blešć
        5 years ago

        Can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong? I have hardware, i copy the DDT2000 database to the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ddt4all directory (IN ROOT DDT4ALL DIRECTORY OR WHERE), i open DDT4ALL, and then i click on Einstein icon, but in drop down menu i cant choose AFTER SALES mode becauses this is all empty to me. I cant choose anything there and here i fail and cant go further.

        Can anyone help me please?

  • I have a 3.3.16. Version of RLink but i dont have smart phone mirroring option anywhere. How come?

  • Hi, I installed a smartphone mirroring

    The Android auto works without problems, but CarPlay when I plug it the USB slot, charge the battery and then disconnect the charger

    Have you encountered this problem?

    Please tell me the solution.

  • Adam Riley
    5 years ago

    I believe the reason CarPlay might not be working on cars with version 3 is because of the USB connector module. The same thing happens with fords and a changed module allows CarPlay.

    Can anyone try swapping the module to test this out?

    • Korean koleos II can be played after replacing USB connector.

      • Excellent news. Which car did you try USB adapter from? Have you got a picture or part number?

        • 한국형 탈리스만의 usb이다


          • Tolga
            5 years ago

            Has anyone tried replacing USB Adapter? Is it works without coding?

  • Hello,

    I have Renault Kadjar FW.
    Can I have Smartphone Mirroring?
    or can I buy new whole system R-LINK2?

  • 한국형 koleos II는 USB커넥터 교체후 카플레이 가능합니다.

  • Hi, i also have kadjar, but found a radio unit (hardware V2) (mine is V1)
    can i swap these units, or will this demand new VIN etc. ?

    • Hi Jan, curious if you found an answer to this question? Also trying to figure out if this is a feasible way of getting this done..

  • Hi Everybody,

    Do you have an android autoyu open at Rlink

  • mainland
    5 years ago

    Hello there;
    I have a Renault Talisman icon car which one has visio system. Do you know how can i active to read traffic sign on the way (like 90—70–50–30) and tired detection system with ddt4all. ı mean which menu i can find that functions and enable them? thank you for your corporation.

  • HarMake
    5 years ago

    I am a Korean type Talisman car driver.
    R-LINK2 I am looking for someone to send me the latest firmware by e-mail.
    The screen size is 7 inches, and it is the AV system that supports the mirroring system.

    I’d like to send an email to
    thank you.

  • Hi. I’m about to do this on a Renault Koleos late Dec 16 model.
    Can anyone confirm does the car need to be running? Or just on ignition? Also.. Once the changes are made, can you still update rlink normally? Thanks.

    • JK. Very interested to see how you go.
      Are you in Aus / Sydney any chance? I got the Koleos Intens in Oct 2017 so missed out on this feature.
      Found this post but wasnt sure as most users seem to be from EU

      • Jason Hay
        5 years ago

        Hey Tim, I have a Koleos 2016 model with rlink 2 3.3.15 and i got the android auto to work.
        im not too sure if the apple car play works as i only have android.

        I dont like the way the android auto opens on the koleos screen as the screen is landscape the app opens up portrait so you have the top and bottom missing unfortunately. if there was a way to fix it that would be good.

        • Marinaio
          5 years ago

          Hi Jason,

          There should definitely be a solution. Because, Kadjar after 2017 May has Android Auto. The 7″ display in Kadjar is landscape. And it hasn’t the problem you mentioned…

          • Jason Hay
            5 years ago

            Hi Marinaio

            I tried changing the settings in my Android auto developer options and still didn’t do anything for me.

        • Hi Jason,
          Did you get the screen orientation fixed?
          I plan on doing this in my Dec ’16 Koleos (which is already on 3.3.16) however I don’t have the phone mirroring option. Did you have this option before starting the process?

    • Any luck with the update?
      I am running the 3.3.15 software version but do not have the Phone mirroring option in the menu, would it work in my case do you know?


  • Hello,
    I want active the windows go up and sunroof closing when I lock doors by remote for Talisman

  • Just tap the lock key 3 or 4 times, then the windows should close. At least they do in my megane

  • I have now got Apple Car Play to work on a R-Link 2 version 3 unit. If you done all of instructions above then only Android Auto will work. When you plug in a iPhone it will just stop and start charging.

    What you have to do is all of the instructions as above and then replace the USB module under the armrest. It’s a quick two mintute job. You need the revised USB module that the new car builds have. If anyone needs a part number, let me know. It’s dissapointing that Renault have said this is not possible when its so easy to do.

    • Please let me know the part number.

    • calahca69
      5 years ago

      Can you share the part that we need to buy to get carplay?

    • hi mr adam can i have your email address thanks
      or mail me on

    • Hey Adam, can you confirm the part number ?

    • Hello Everyone,

      The part number for the Carplay compatible USB adapter is 280239665R

    • Hello adam! Good news!

      I have upgrade from 2.2 to 3.3 that was released 24 december 2018 from the french forums.

      I would like to get carplay. I have read you about 280239665R part. The cost is arouns 130€.

      The “famous” Ignazio Vicinni says in facebook: even changing the usbs doesnt work. Could you confirm me that is working carplay in the “old” radio with 280239665R part and 3.3 software modified?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Hi,

        Do you have news about your carplay?
        I updated my rlink2 to version 7 and activated the Android Auto and Carplay.

        Android Auto work without problems but carplay still not working (constantly with the message “connecting – disconnected”).

        Do you already replace the usb adapter?

  • Hi, where can I get the driver for the ELM? I can´t find it anywhere.

  • Calahca69
    5 years ago

    Ok I got the app, got the database, got the driver and the app sees it. When I connect to my Koleos 2018 nothing appears in the dropdown menu after clicking the expert button. Any suggestion?

    • How did you get the ELM cable to work? Did you download a driver file? Could you please give us some info on that? Thanks mate.

  • Hi All

    I found this on the internet which seems to solve Android Auto for us who are stuck on

    Have someone with tried this? I have Talisman from 2016 with 8.7″ screen (if that matters…) and very curious if someone got it working. In the forum, when I translated, I can see it was succesful but it’s an italian Kadjar forum…

    • That site you gave is in Italian……..I don’t read Italian 😉 And can’t get it done to translate the page……. 🙁

  • Actually it works fine with Talisman! I can strongly recomend the upgrade! The display becomes much more responsive too 🙂

  • For all 2017/2018 Koleos (Australian) owners on the firmware.
    I have used the above instructions with a few changes as the program has changed and also the DT2000 database.

    Here is the below method I used to enable Android Auto / Carplay. Following the above software downloads but with the below additions for the Koleos.

    1. Plugged in OBDII ELM357 device to the car and connected to my Laptop via BT (Mine was cheap Bluetooth one from eBay)
    2. Ran ddt4all and connected using Bluetooh COM7 rate 38400 default (Yours might be different depending on USB / Wifi etc)
    3. Screen will show xxxxx Loaded ECUS in Database depending what version of DT2000 you have.
    4. In the latest version of ddt4all. I had to Select Koleos II in the drop down list and Press the Search button (Magnifying glass icon next to the list). This will take awhile to match all the ECU and settings. I got mix of Green matches and red not found.
    5. In the box below find Audio and RadNav XXXX. I did by trial and error and selected double clicked on RadNav2.X v.2.5
    6. Now the screen below that will show Screens -> Configuration etc . Select RadNav configuration 2.0 Part 1. Select the Expert/Eisentien icon and select AfterSales option.
    7. On the screen you will find the list with SPVR + Carplay + Android Auto as in the original instructions. Select Activate for both and Present for SPVR.
    8. Hit the big yellow button to write the new values. And restart your Rlink2 by holding down the power button.

    Note. I tried to make the screen to fit Full in Portrait mode but for some reason it doesnt. See screen shots. I also tried to changed the ECU setting to landscape but that turned my entire dash sidewards!

    • William Beckett
      5 years ago

      Hey Tim,
      Can you link me the Bluetooth module you bought? I have bought two ELM27 modules now (one Wifi and one USB cabled) and both do not work. So if you can link me the one you purchased and have had success with I’ll but it now (I’m in Australia too).

      • Hey William,

        Have you had any luck finding a connector that works?
        I was under the impression that we needed an additional connector between the elm module and the port to re-arrange a couple of the pins?

        • No if its a 2017+ with Rlink 2 no extra connector needed.
          If connection does not work it is a problem with a false ELM327.

          • Chico
            4 years ago

            What do you mean? I also tried an ELM327 wifi version and USB version but couldn’t manage to get it connected to the car.

    • Easy way to activate is from Developer Mode.
      You can check following link to get it done: .
      Try it myself and it works verry well. Same firmware version.

    • Hi, have you upgraded from 2.2 to 3.3 ?
      I did and I was able to activate AA in my Koleos 2018 (made in Korea)
      After that the guide lines on rear camera screen shrink.
      Did you had the same issue?
      Were you able to fix it?
      I’ve seen some ideas but not solve the problem complete.
      Please let me know.
      Thank you.

    • Hi Tim,
      As per your instructions, which radnav you actually used for koleos? (in the image u supplied is actually different from your post.)

      Before trying on koleos i decided to study all these.

      Thanks mate

  • Freddy Willaert
    5 years ago

    Very clear explanation for the installation of Carplay. But how can I install Android auto now? My R-link 2 has been updated to boat 5275. Do you sheets for ?
    Your help.
    With kind regards, Freddy

  • Aurélien
    5 years ago

    Bonjour, est ce vraiment une installation d’android sur le r-link2 ou il faut toujours connecté le smartphone après la manipulation?
    Merci cdlt

    • Very interesting. It’s the exactly same cable I bought and couldn’t get ddt4all to connect with the car.

  • Can I use do this on my first series of the new Koleos, my software version is 3.3.15, however, I do not have an option on the screen to mirror the phone, I do so via Bluetooth but it is not phone mirroring, it is rather only a connection.

    Has anyone done it this way?


  • Hi,

    Has anyone ever gotten the carplay to work?

    I updated my rlink2 to version 7 and activated the Android Auto and Carplay.

    Android Auto work without problems but carplay still not working (constantly with the message “connecting – disconnected”).

    • I found a bunch of people who claimed that it works after replacing the USB module. I will be buying the USB module if I can manage to get my car connected to ddt4all – bought 2 cables (one wifi and one usb) and so far no luck

  • ‪dan menahem‬‏
    4 years ago

    I have a kadjar 2016 with rlink 2 7.0.24, can it for me?

  • Yes, you can… I did it with my Megane IV 2016, after update from 2.2 to 2.7.
    But only android car works, not apple car because the hardware

  • I have a Renault Megane Estate (03/2017) Bose edition. The software version installed is, but I don’t see Apple Carplay anywhere when my phone is connected via USB.

    In a few places I could read that it is only possible if I have version, but I have version, or is that not the correct version?

  • Hey Guys,

    if you don`t want to need a OBD adapter, you can go the easy way through the developer mode in your R-Link 2.

    You don`t know what i mean?

    Send me a mail, and i send you the the super legal secret information about the developer mode. It costs NOTHING

    best regards,

  • robby JORDENS
    4 years ago

    hi sir i have problem whit my r link 2 i have not the widget smartphonemirror can i update my r link 2?

  • Denison
    4 years ago

    Once enabled, can I upgrade my link? will you lose activation?

  • Dear
    19 Koleos,China Version. I tried to open the AAP function, but it can’t works. I tried into the recovery mode, found that there is no Android auto server app&progress in the background of the E-link2. So there have no work for China version????

    • The AAP mode has been enabled in the vehicle. But when I connected the android phone to Vehicle, only Baidu carlife works, there is no Android auto ,,,,,,

  • Aleksandar Veljkovic
    4 years ago

    Hello everyone , I have Renault Talisman 07/2016 and software version. Is it possible if I upgrade on 3.xxxx version to get Android Auto? Thanks

    • Yes it is. I managed it. You have to go to dealer for the update, then activate AA

  • BigWinnie
    4 years ago

    Do you have information with which replacing USB module can I use Carplay for my Megane IV (2016)? I had 2.2 base sw which was updated to 7.0.24 last year. AA works fine. I’d like to buy iphone but this is the only thing hold me back. But if the USB can be replaced and after that CarPlay works, I will be happy. As I saw, 280239665R module is for Talisman and Koleos. Or does it fit to Megane also?

  • Mohammad Zare
    2 years ago

    will ddt4all customizations void guarantee?

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