Adding an AUX line input to Renault car radio

November 18th, 2020

On many Renault radios it is possible to add a line input (AUX or jack) to connect an MP3 player or especially a smartphone.

The benefits are many:

  • the low price (~ 10โ‚ฌ)
  • we keep the original car radio and steering wheel controls for volume and radio.
  • Easy to install


  • No display of titles on the car radio screen
  • No possibility to make Pause/Next/Previous with the car radio controls, it is necessary to manipulate the MP3/smartphone player.

To activate this function it is necessary to have a UPDATE LIST car radio (usually indicated at the bottom right on the front panel) and the EXPERT menu. Unfortunately, this function is not compatible with TUNER LIST versions that do not have the EXPERT menu.

It is not necessary to have MP3 on the front panel, it is not mandatory. The car radio can also have the display directly on it, as on the Twingo.

  • Twingo 1 and 2
  • Clio 2, Clio 3.
  • Modus
  • Mรฉgane 2
  • Scenic 2
  • Laguna 2
  • Vel Satis
  • Espace 4
  • Kangoo

Here is the adapter which costs about ten euros:

Installation will be easy, just take out the car radio by inserting it into the 4 holes of the rods and pull it towards you.

On the back of the car radio there is the connection system, it will be enough to connect the ISO plug next to the yellow plug. It may be necessary to remove the yellow plug and couple it with the green one before plugging it back into the car radio.

The cable must then be run through the trim to generally bring it out from the bottom of the console or at the passenger’s feet. It will depend on the vehicle but looking around you can always find a way.

Last thing to do: you must activate the AUX source input. To do this, press the key with the music notes ๐ŸŽต for a long time to enter the Expert menu. By navigating with the keys โฎโญ you must reach the next menu:

Here, use the โž• and โž– keys to switch the AUX to ON.

It’s okay, the AUX source appears in the middle of the FM/CD sources.

Don’t forget to turn up the volume on your smartphone.