Easy-Link: Map update

January 14th, 2021

Like all GPS, it is necessary to update the onboard cartography.

The road network moves more often than we think, especially the speed limits which have changed a lot in recent years.

On the Easy Link there are two ways to update the map: via OTA (Over The Air), the vehicle downloads the update itself and offers to install it when it is ready. Like smartphones, which is convenient. Today I don’t really have details about OTA updates, I’ll update the page when I find some.

The second way: the classic way by downloading it on a USB key from a computer and then installing it in the vehicle.

The maps are free for 3 years after delivery of the vehicle.


Windows ➑ DOWNLOAD


There are two ways through the software:

  • Search with the vehicle serial number (VIN) starting with VF1 on the vehicle registration document.
  • Make a fingerprint by plugging a blank USB key (FAT32) into the vehicle for 10 seconds and then connect it to the computer.

The fingerprint method is to be preferred if the VIN method gives an error message.

A complet Europe map is 14GB. It is possible to update only some countries.

Installation time in the car:

  • Full Europe map: 20 minutes.
  • One country: France (2GB) for exemple: 7 minutes.


To my knowledge it is not possible to visualize the version of the map installed in the vehicle, if you find it do not hesitate to tell me πŸ˜‰.

Today the easiest way to know if you are up to date is to go through the software and see if an update is proposed or not.

Map version Publication date
2018.12first version