R-Link 1 : Update software

February 28th, 2019
Important update to do for the R-Link 1:Β see this page.

There are two elements that can be updated in the R-Link1: software (software) and mapping (roads …).

It is important to keep to its software because the different updates correct bugs but can also make improvements.

To update the map go to this page.

The different updates for R-Link 1

DateOn board versionR-Link store versionChangelogs
02/201911.344Important bug correction. (WNRO)

See this article
01/03/201711.341Addition of the time and the number of kilometers remaining on the homepage during a guidance.

The displayed versions are those visible in the vehicle and not those advertised on the R-Link Store at the time of the download. Strangely we download for example an 11.319 but it is the 11.341 that is found in the vehicle …

How do I know my R-Link 1 software version?

For details, go to System Settings => Status and Information => Version Information.

How update my R-Link 1 software?

Software updates can be done either, I will introduce the procedure.

  • Eject the SD card correctly via the main screen, option (bottom right), Eject the SD card.
  • From a computer go to his account My Renault then the R-Link Store.
  • if you have not already done so, install the R-Link Toolbox. (see this page)
  • On the R-Link store go to the Updates section.
  • If an update exists then it will report, click Update.
  • Insert the SD card into the computer and start the R-Link Tool Box if it does not start automatically.
  • Click on Launch my downloads.
  • Once installed on the SD card, correctly eject the SD card from the computer as a USB stick.
  • Reconnect the SD card in the vehicle, normally a window should open to confirm the installation of the update.
  • It is advisable to make it motor turning with about twenty minutes.
  • The system will be able to restart several times or have black screens, so it is important not to turn the ignition off or remove the SD card until a message informs you that the update is complete.

You will find below the procedure in video.