Common questions

October 29th, 2019

Since there are a lot of questions coming up on R-Link 2, I’ll centralize them here.


I can not connect my iPhone since iOS11

It is necessary to update the R-Link 2 (see this page)

Bluetooth problem with my iPhone since I’ve updated on iOS13

Soltuion : download the update iOS13.2 on your iPhone.

If the iPhone was already connected to R-Link2 before iOS13 update, you can disable contact synchronization in the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings for R-Link2. (Settings-> Bluetooth-> click the blue ! on the R-Link connection and switch it off)

If this is the first time that you want to connect the iPhone to R-Link 2, you must stay on the Bluetooth menu screen of the phone until the first synchronization of contacts is completed (it may take several minutes) . It is therefore necessary to keep the screen of the iPhone turned on so that the bluetooth of the iPhone remains visible. Once synchronization is complete, you will need to disable contact synchronization in the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone for R-Link 2.

The bug seems on the side of Apple, so we will watch the patches.

Carplay problem with iOS13

Users who have problems with Carplay for applications using sound (Music, phone call) and who encounter a Carplay crash need an update. If you are in (or you can update your system to version v7.0.24.166 – or by visiting this page.

Bluetooth problem with a Samsung phone

It is necessary to update the R-Link 2 (see this page)

Network display problem with Android 8.1

This is a known Google bug, it is necessary to wait for the update from Google for the phone.

Unable to select Bluetooth source for my iPhone for Deezer or Spotify

This is a bug under some versions of R-Link 2, if you are up to date on the R-Link 2, it is possible to work around the bug. For that, copy the iPhone with iTunes an MP3 file, any one. Once done, you will be able to select the Bluetooth audio source.

If you do not have an MP3 at hand here is a free one with a bird song, a bit of poetry in this world of bullies will not hurt:

Bruant_des_roseaux (right click, download the target, to download the file)