R-Link 2: Update software

Last update: November 16th, 2018

Keeping your R-Link 2 GPS up-to-date is important. There are 2 elements that can be updated: the system (software, firmware) and the map.

First of all there is the system software in general of R-Link 2: the operating system. You must be as up-to-date as possible because it’s like your phone or computer: the most recent versions correct bugs, improve performance and bring new features.


How to know the version of my R-Link 2?

To check the cartography you have to go in: NAVIGATION / OPTIONS (bottom right) / ABOUT.

To know its software version it is necessary to go in the following menus: SYSTEM / INFORMATION SYSTEME

There are 4 different versions for R-Link 2: 2.X, 3.X, 7.X and 8.X To determine the branch, the start of the software version number is based on the System Information menu.


What is the latest software version available for R-Link 2?

BranchYour software VersionUpdate software yourself?The latest software updateLast update map compatible with your software version
2.x.x.x1.4.15.905No2.2.19.300*2015.06 Europe published in June 2016*2017.12 Europe published in October 2018

2017.12 Asia, Africa, America, Middle East published in October 2018
3.x.x.x3.3.15.41xNo3.3.16.94x2017.12 Europe published in October 2018

2017.12 Asia, Africa, America Middle East published in October 2018
7.x.x.x7.0.24.12x-- Europe published in October 2018

2017.12 Asia, Africa, America Middle East published in October 2018
8.x.x.x8.0.32.30x-- Europe published in October 2018

2017.12 Asia, Africa, America Middle East published in October 2018

The seems to be available for all systems of the 2.2.X.Y branch.

2 situations:

  • Your version is lower than (so from to the garage will pass you in without problem.
  • Your version is you can flip a coin. It is best to first ask the helpline if the vehicle (with the VIN number) is compatible before going into a garage. The helpline will be able to tell you whether it is good or not to make an appointment to perform the update. If the vehicle is not compatible today, the helpline forwards the file to the technical teams so that it becomes according to the returns of other members. See this page to install the


Renault does not communicate much about the changes between the different updates.

The version fixes a bug that caused problems with the bluetooth for Android phones 6.0 Marshmallow.

The version fixes the possibility to get the last map update, errors with live trafic and DAB message (highly recommend to do this update).

The version fixes a DAB problem.

There is a problem with the last iOS 11 (iPhone) and the bluetooth connexion with the R-Link 2. To solve it, you need to get the last update: (see below)

The version fixes the errors with live trafic and DAB message.

The (article) version fixes, map problems, improve bluetooth compatibility. (article)

  • Shortcuts (navigation, phone and audio) at the top of the screen.
  • Shortcuts on the map (checkered flag) to directly access the Destination menu
  • Display of the type of traffic information used (the medium TMC RDS or the greatTomTom Traffic) (article)

  • Full screen for Android Auto and Carplay
  • Shortcuts in the replication screens and exterior temperature.
  • Auto-zoom deactivation.
  • Climatisation widget

How to update the R-Link 2 software?

Today it is not possible to do it yourself on R-Link 2 (unlike R-Link 1), it is imperative to go into a renault garage to do it. I can only recommend that you do it and keep your system up to date. Experience shows that there are many corrections and improvements in stability and fluidity. If the vehicle is under warranty the operation will be free.

Exception: it is possible to install yourself the (see this page) and the (see this page).


Bluetooth Problem with iOS 11 (iPhone) and R-Link 2

It seems that the R-Link 2 up to version included is affected by a problem of permanent connection / disconnection of the Bluetooth of the iPhone rendering inoperative functionality. Version does not seem affected .

Concerned people can contact their favorite Renault garage to ask to update the R-Link 2 (and therefore switch to which should solve the problem according to this message on a forum:

Here, as expected, MAJ R-Link 2 made today. Everything works again with my iPhone 6s under iOS 11. Good news!

90 Responses to “R-Link 2: Update software

  • Any news for upgrading from 2.X.X.X to 3.X.X.X ?

    • admin3553
      10 months ago

      No. 🙁

      • Ahmed Nasser Elsayed
        6 months ago

        Still noway to upgrade from 2 to 3?

      • Victor Tanasescu
        2 months ago

        yes ! I just deed it today !!!

        • Be nice and describe… AFAIK, this is not possible due to the hardware incompatibility and changes… Renault claims that this isn’t possible even if customer wants to pay the upgrade.

        • seguro que paso de la 2.2 a la version 3? podria decirnos como?

    • ohayyam
      4 days ago

      My Talisman rlink upgraded to V. few days ago by official Renault service. Nov.2018.

      • Hello, you ask for an update? It was only a software update or also a hardware change?

        • ohayyam
          2 days ago

          only software update and done by renault official service.

  • I have version 22.18.590 from the week.
    Why can I download the version as per the instructions?
    Entering the VIN number is the message:
    Sorry, this upgrade is not available for your Renault car. Please check the number.

  • And no response from admin

    • admin3553
      10 months ago

      Perhaps because I don’t have all the answers 😉 (And a life outside this website)

      Technically 2.2.18 and 2.2.19 are very similar. The 2.2.19 is especially important for those who were stuck in version 2.2.17. If you are in 2.2.18 you will not gain anything in 2.2.19. 😉

  • Johnny B
    9 months ago

    Hello from Iran
    couple of weeks ago i updated my Renault Talisman Rlink2 from version 2.2.17 to 3.3.16 by downloading the update file from a korean website ( http://tmap.co.kr/tmap_for_car/customer/slink.do ). but after installing i faced few problems. there is no picture from talisman anymore in the menus like drive mode or 360 radar or wherever i saw talisman before and also audio command doesnt work anymore. it seems it was designed for other renaults and not talisman.
    know i tried to return to 2.2.18 by the link you provided but at the time of installation it says you can not go to older versions.
    can any one help? 🙁
    many thanks in advance.

    • admin3553
      9 months ago

      You installed a Korean 3.3.16 version of S-Link(so Samsung motors and not renault) on a 2.2.17 version of renault R-Link? Seriously? and you are surprised that it does not work? 🙄😣 Where have you seen you can do something like that? Surely not on this web site … The only thing you can do and to go to your dealer to get a flash of the good firmware, but I am not sure it is possible… Keep us informed of the repair.

    • Hi Johnny B,
      Out of interest aside from no pictures in the menus and the voice control not working, did the screen mirroring work when you updated to 3.3.16?

      I couldn’t care less what it looks like so long as the screen mirroring works. I am currently on Megane delivered 03.2017
      Many thanks

    • Ali Varshochi
      6 months ago

      hey johnny
      any news ? did u back to factory default
      let me know

  • Dear Sirs.

    I’ve just bought ALL existing apps from R-Link 2 store for my new Talisman (2017) but I can`t find anywhere COMPASS app I would really like to have. Do you know / have any information where I can download it? (I have seen some photos of some R-Link 2 dashboards with Compass installed).

    • Orkun Kızılırmak
      8 months ago

      Compass is 1 tile version of the navigation. Try long pressing on an empty space and select 1 square of navigation. It worked for me perfectly.

  • Hi, Has anyone had success with their dealer’s (anywhere in the world), applying updates to the software version 3?
    That is going from an older version 3 to the latest version 3. Here in Australia, Renault is saying that the system and therefore Apple Carplay/Android Auto cannot be upgraded on older models.
    I don’t think they’re correct on this and this only applies to the version 2 software.

  • I work in a Renault garage and i know from inside person is not for the moment posible to do upgrade from 2.xx to 3.xx . He told me that is not only software but harware also. I compared my radio model Radio65A ho now is have versie 2.2.xxx.803 whit a new scenic4 ho have 5he same model from radio 65A but versie 3.3 and phone miroring . So i wait now a answer from my friend ho works inside . 100% is another hardware bicause the referentie from my radio and scenic radio are not the same .

  • Orkun Kızılırmak
    8 months ago

    Compass is 1 tile version of the navigation. Try long pressing on an empty space and select 1 square of navigation. It worked for me perfectly.

  • Strengarul
    8 months ago

    Eu am versiunea 3.3. a sfwarelui dar nu pot inoi hartile

  • Hi!
    Are there any people who faced with a problem “Out of memory. Requested 1701978227 Cache: 0” ?

    Absolutely the same problem is well known for ages on Android smarthones http://amichalec.net/2014/01/igo-out-of-memory/

    The oficial Renault garage can’t help me during month((((

    I bought the new koleos two monthes ago and a week later installed map update 2016.12
    I ran “R-Link 2 Toolbox” on my Mac. I do not know why but Mac OS made hidden files with extended attributes on prepared flash in the R-LINK folder. These files were transfered to internal R-LINK storage and now the navigator could not start. All other functions of r-link work well exept navigation.

    I have tried to install the latest maps 06.2017 but with no success. The process of installation do not start.

    The garage couldn’t reflash my r-link2 as so it is 3.3.16 from the plant.

    • Hello,
      I have the same problem with my koleos. In my case the problem gave me with the latest version, 06.2017 The Nv3 technical service does not call me to give me any solution. I’m like this since May.

      • Hello
        A month ago the garage have replaced my r-link 2 with the new one. The Renault do not know other way to solve this problem.
        You need to insist on replacing

  • So I have a renault talisman built in November 2016…i have version and I never had apple carplay or android auto available…will it be possible to have it sometime in the future or not?

    Thanks in advance…

  • A new firmware version ( is available on https://www.renault-multimedia.com/gbr_EN/r-link2/upgrade. Downloaded and upgraded today with no problems. Now, zip archive contains R-LINK folder and mm2014_upgrade.lgu is digitally signed.

  • Hi, I bought my Scenic 4 and collected it a couple of weeks ago. It was made in early 2017 and I asked the dealership to upgrade r link. It currently has 3.3.15 installed but they told me there is no upgrade available for my vehicle.

    Did they lie to me or is this possible? It’s a portrait 8.7 version.

    • You can ask to have the last update (the

      • Haw and where we can ask? I was in Renault garage and they told me that they can’t do it. Thanks

  • Any way to upade rlink 2 manually???

  • What about software version which seems to be installed by cars manufactured in the 2015 beginning.
    This version is not on the list, does it mean that it can’t be updated ?

    • I didn’t know this one 😉, to get the last version you need to go to your Renault dealership 😉

  • Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the information provided here. It is the only source of clear information that I’ve found online for r-link upgrades, version numbers, upgrade paths etc. It is most useful and very much appreciated.

  • Alnatshah
    6 months ago

    hello , i updated my r-link 2 on my talisman grandtourer , but now i have a problem with carplay, r-link wont to connect with my iphone x IOS 11.3.1!!!

  • Michael Bay Mørkeberg
    6 months ago

    A guy from Denmark (my country) just got his radio unit in his R-Link 2 replaced from his 2016 Renault Scenic 4 … The R-Link 2 unit now states to have software version … What is this now? He posted a picture of it: https://bit.ly/2H1IHbp

    • Did he get the whole unit replaced or just software? It seems like a new version with mirroring – very fortunate for him – share with us some more details please 🙂

  • Hola, buenas tardes, soy un propietario de un Renault megane, comprado hace dos meses, y con un equipo r-link 2 con la versión. Actualizada al y tengo problemas. Con el manos libres ya que se conecta al móvil y desde que recibo o hago una llamada se desconecta y ya no vuelve a conectar más,

    Mi móvil es un Huawei smart P

    Por mi trabajo, alquilo coches casi todas las semanas y de todos los tipos, y es una vergüenza que en coches de 2, 3 y 4 años de antigüedad, e incluso el parrot que tengo en el otro coche, funciona todo perfectamente. Y en este que es un coche nuevo, es imposible,

    Y la solución de Renault, es que tiene la última version y es incompatibilidad, con el móvil.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm una vergüenza es lo que es, que a estas alturas, hayan problemas de incompatibilidad con móviles, eso sii sólo con el r-link, ya que la competencia función a muy bien y sin problemas.

    Un saludo

    • Maurizio
      6 months ago

      I’ve the same problems with r-link2 bluetooth and huawei p8, I’ve the firmware…

  • M.F. Verheijen
    5 months ago

    I got my new Espace yesterday with version (Netherlands).

  • Fabrizio
    5 months ago

    Goodmorning everyone,

    I have a Megane IV of September 2016. Cause serious malfunction I was replaced by the entire Rlink2 system and the new system was sent with version (in the old system I had version

    I sent two e-mails to Renault Italy, which confirms me in writing that I can upgrade from to without problems.

    Is this information reliable? Is Reanult Italia advising me well?

    Or will I have the GPS problems you’re talking about?

    I thank you in advance for your valuable help

    • Hello, 2 things about your message. First of all, I do not find it normal that the garage after the replacement of the rlink2 did not return you the vehicle with the most updated version !! Secondly, I confirm you that if you have, you can’t update yourself, only Renault can update it!

      • Fabrizio
        5 months ago

        Thank you for your answer. I will complain again with the customer service of Renault Italy, I hope they solve the problem definitively.

    • how many days (or months) agò did you change the rlink2 unit?

      • Fabrizio
        5 months ago

        Hello, the Rlink2 unit was replaced on 01 June 2018. Unfortunately, a unit was mounted with version
        For the record after a long phone call with Renault Italy I made the update from version to without any kind of problem to the GPS, then I updated the maps to 2017.06

        • Hi Fabrizio,
          thanks for your quick answer. Do you have any number of reference about the head unit replaced? You are italian like me!! we can keep in touch also by mail….
          igno _ v @ hotmail .com (without spaces)


  • Incredible…someone change the head unit from 2.2.x to 3.3.x (or better with 7.0!), and other ones from 2.2 to the same 2.2!! I hope that all 2.2 are finished because on the 3.3 is possible to activate the carplay and android auto…
    I will change the head unit of my megane 4 ( for a lot of problem and it seems that the new reference of the spare part is the same of a lot of Scenic 4, so I hope with the 3.3.x
    I will let you know

  • Hi, I have a kadjar of dec 2017 with version, soft start version 5376, navigation info, how do I update to version
    Many Thanks

    • Hello, as indicate in the board, you have the last version. It isn’t possible to update from 3.3.16.xxx to 7.0.x.x today.

  • HI!
    I have the version 3.3.16946, can some one tell me if this is the last version?
    I can’t conect my Iphone (IOs version 11.4) with the bluetooth.
    Dou you know any thing to fix this problem?

  • Luis Carlos Abellan Dominguez
    5 months ago


    I have a Koleos with the last version of software and I can connect perfectly iOS and Android devices. My problem is the microphone does not work. If I reset the system it works but 5 minutes later it does not.
    I think it is a glitch. I am in UK and the Renault garage does know how to solve this after several visits.
    Any advice?

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    In my Megane, I’m on Some weeks ago, I was able to connect with CarPlay but now, my iPhone (6 – ios 10) is no more recognized. The CarPlay logo is not showing up.
    I tried with another cable and another iPhone (5s) and same story.

    Do you have any idea to solve this?

    Kind regards,

  • mein händler hat ein upgrade von 3.xx auf 7.xx

  • Hello,

    My software version is the Can I update myself or do I have to make an appointement at the garage to update?


  • Ali Varshochi
    4 months ago

    I saw this video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYktShqO3_o
    how can I get to developer mode? and is it possible to install any app or upgrade ver 2 to 3?

  • Good morning together, did anybody knows the differen betwee 3…. and software 7…..
    I have a scenic 4 from april 2018.
    Thank for an answer

  • ahmed negm
    3 months ago

    My software Ver is , i want to know whats the relase date and can i update to 3.3.16 or not to enable the mirroring because its not active in my car


  • hi, i have a new koleos and i want to upgrade, but it seems that in the latinamerican renault webs, does not offer the upgrade option, as in other europeon webs.. however, i did try my vin code in the spanish and the english websites and appears to be compatible, i got the green tick, so i wonder, if its just a matter of renault politics, or just delaying the upgrade? and if will harm my system ?

    • Hello, good question… 🤔 , Have you asked to the Renault Helpline? What is your software version ?

  • mine is the 2.2.17 and the helpline at my country says that there is no info about this, that there is no upgrade and blablablabla… i have the same problem with my dab radio, moves the tuning by itself, and from what i see, its a software problem, but they want to fix it by removing the thing and changing it…

  • rodrigo castanedo
    3 months ago

    Does anyone Know how to get version I have a Koleos 2018 in Mexico and with that version I could have CarPlay on the SUV. Thanks

  • Rodrigo Castanedo
    3 months ago

    Thanks everybody.

  • hola, yo tambien estoy en mexico y tengo una koleos 2017, que al parecer no puedo hacer el update por que tambien consiste en hacer cambios al hardware de la consola, y segun las nuevas 2018 traian el rlink 3.xxx y una consola dif por dentro que les permiten usar carplay.. el mio es 2.xxx y pues nada. checa esto..

    Coches fabricados ANTES de mayo del 2017:

    • –> Versión inicial, desde 2015
    • –> junio 2016
    • –> setiembre 2017 (permite instalar el mapa 16.12)
    • –> abril 2018

    Coches fabricados A PARTIR de mayo 2017:

    • –> Incluye CarPlay (para teléfonos Apple) y Android Auto (para teléfonos Android)

    Lista de mapas GPS:

    • Versión 06.2014 –> Versión inicial, con mapas de junio del 2014
    • Versión 06.2015 –> Aparece en junio 2016, con mapas de junio del 2015
    • Versión 16.12 –> Aparece en octubre 2017, con mapas de diciembre del 2016 (ojo! Esta versión SOLO es compatible con y posteriores).
    • Versión 17.06 –> Aparece en mayo 2018, con mapas de 2017 (ojo! Esta versión SOLO es compatible con y posteriores).

    aqui te dejo el link:http://www.clubespace.com/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=a32732128d4d18dbc9a9a5c60ba75f12&topic=14572.15


    • Rodrigo Castanedo
      2 months ago

      Hola Pablo. Gracias por la info. Mi camioneta tiene la versión Aun así no cuenta con CarPlay siendo 2018. Al marcar a Atencion a clientes me dicen que como fue ensamblado antes de diciembre 2017 no contará con CarPlay. Acudí a la agencia y me subí a uno de los modelos 2018 igual a la mía y si tienen CarPlay. Cuentan con un software Ya metí mi queja a profeco ya que no creo sea válido que ambas camionetas siendo 2018 unas si lo tengan y otras no siendo la mía la versión más equipada. Incluso ahorita todas las versiones tienen CarPlay. Y la mía siendo la más equipada no lo tiene. Por eso mi pregunta de si sabían de donde pudiera conseguir ese software e instalarlo en mi camioneta. Si es cuestión de hardware espero me cambien el estéreo con la demanda que interpuse en Profeco.

  • Victor Tanasescu
    2 months ago

    Yupiiii !!!! i deed it … from 2 to 3 whit mirroring

  • Victor Tanasescu
    2 months ago

    so guys !!! like i told you before :
    1. hard v1 whit soft 1.xxx of 2.2.xxx
    2.hard v1( whit upgrade hard vers.3.xxx)whit soft 3.3xxx
    3.hard v3 whit soft 3.3xxx of 7.xxx
    Renault work whit 2 version of software 3.xx .But they are not the same . One is for old hardware an the other for the nieuwe hardware. Do not try to instal one version of soft3 if you are not sure if it is for hard v1 of v3.
    Today i succedet to instal 3.3.xxx to a Talisman whit 2.2….803 . But i failed to instal to the last version 2.2.xxx 911 i think it is .

    • HI Victor,
      Could you explain a litlle more about how you find the hardware version?
      I have the RLink 2 with Software 2.2 and I would like to upgrade to 3 in order to activate Android auto. My car is a new Koleos from may 2017 with 7″ screen.

    • Roberto
      3 weeks ago

      Hi Victor, I extremely need your help.

      Many Thanks!!

  • Hi Admin!

    I have the software update on my megane IV 2016 MY but I cant seem to make Tomtom live traffic work at all. I am here in Australia and when I go to the rlink store, it stated awaiting activation.. Kindly assist – Don

    • Hello Don,
      It’s strange. I don’t think I’ll be able to help you for that. Have you try to contact the Australia Helpline ?

      • I havent tried calling them but because renault is not very popular here (market share is only 1%), I didnt bother. I had my car serviced a few months ago and told them to update my GPS and they said no update at that time. But after visiting your website, i managed to update from to and managed to update my maps too which the dealership here didnt even bother.. You are my saving grace and Thank you.. Hopefully I can make live traffic work as it never worked from the beginning

        • Hey Don.

          Yup when it comes to the RLink they are hopeless. All show and no go unfortunately. The TomTom Live Traffic you have to register on the AU site as you probably have already. Then you goto you car and tap on the “Stickynote icon” and tap on activate.

          If the subscription has lapsed. i.e your car was previous years model and its been sitting there 12 months then you have to buy it again.


          Could argue with the dealership and they might issue you with a Voucher Code

  • Fabrizio
    2 months ago

    hello, can you explain how you did install version 3.3 on one that had 2.2?

  • There is a new update available for my 2018 IV Estate GT205. Does anyone now what kind of update it is? There is no Version noted. See this screenshot:


    • Maurizio
      2 months ago

      I’have something similar on a Kadjar,
      but when I insert the usb key with this update in the car nothing happen…
      finding the same update still on the renault website.


    • “Service notification” is updated (+ e-mail application )

      • Maurizio
        2 months ago

        Infact on the website I found 3 updates:
        – e-mail
        – service notification
        – important system update

        When I inserted the usb key
        into the car, I updated
        – email
        – service notification
        but not the
        – important system update
        that is still “to do”
        on Renault website…

  • I have a 2017 Megane GT with version2.2.17.803
    I am looking for Apple Play.Is this possible? Dealer says my vehicle is up to date.?

  • 2.2 –>> 3.3 on a talisman 2017 how??

  • Marcono
    1 month ago

    Do you know how to activate R-sound?

  • I have a 2016 Renault Megane with R-Link 2 with sw version Recently I updated my phone (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S) with OTA update to Android Pie. And now the car’s Bluetooth loudspeaker does interesting things:
    – the icon of the phone on the screen stays red after connecting, but the BT loudspeaker fortunately works,
    – I cannot start a call from the car’s screen because it says “No signal strength”,
    -and the most annoying problem: after finishing the call, the number and name of the other party stucks on the cockpit screen, it doesn’t disappear.
    Before that I didn’t have these issues so I think there is some compatibility problem with the new Android version.
    Does somebody have the same problems?

  • maurizio
    1 week ago

    Could someone confirm that euronews and mail applications don’t work anymore?

  • MB4GT205
    1 week ago


    My Mégane GT 205 Hatchback(R-link2, is imported from Germany. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the German push messages to Dutch? Systemlanguage is Dutch, car is connected to Dutch R-Linkstore, but push messages keep popping up in German.

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