R-Link 2 : Update Map

Last update: January 5th, 2018

Keeping your R-Link 2 GPS up-to-date is important. There are 2 elements that can be updated: the system (software) and the map.

Let’s see how we keep the map up to date because if it’s not up-to-date, the system may offer inconsistent routes.

How to know the version of my R-Link 2?

To check the cartography you have to go in: NAVIGATION / OPTIONS (bottom right) / ABOUT.

To know its software version it is necessary to go in the following menus: SYSTEM / INFORMATION SYSTEME

There are 2 different versions for R-Link 2 2.X and 3.X. To determine the branch, the start of the software version number is based on the System Information menu.

What is the latest map version available for R-Link 2?

BranchSoftware VersionThe latest software updateLast update map
2.X.X.X1.4.15.9052.2.18.590*12/2016 published in October 2017
(if otherwise 05/2016 published in June 2016)
(Published in October 2017)

It is normal that there is a delay between the capture of the data and the publication of the update (1 year).

*The seems to be available for all systems from the 2.2.X.Y branch. But if you are with the version you should contact the R-Link helpline before to go to your dealer to have the confirmation.

How to update the R-Link 2 Map?

You will need the R-Link 2 ToolBox (how to download it) on your computer.

Can I get a free map for R-Link 2?

At the launch of the R-Link 2, the user could download a new map for a period of one year.

Since 1st January 2017, map updates are free for 3 years ! The vehicle must have been delivered after 1st January 2017.

What is the price of an upgrading R-Link 2 Map?

If you are no longer in the eligible period, it is possible to subscribe to the updates for 1 year for 89.90 € on the R-Link Ttore. Normally this should give you right to 2 updates. But experience has shown us that Renault has not fulfilled its commitments so far for R-Link 2.


For the branch 2.2.X.Y of R-Link 2, to get the last map update you need the last version: Don’t buy an update if you don’t have the last version.