R-Link 2 : Update Map

November 18th, 2020

Keeping your R-Link 2 GPS up-to-date is important. There are 2 elements that can be updated: the system (software) and the map.

Let’s see how we keep the map up to date because if it’s not up-to-date, the system may offer inconsistent routes.

How to know the version of my R-Link 2?

To check the cartography you have to go in: NAVIGATION / OPTIONS (bottom right) / ABOUT.

To know its software version it is necessary to go in the following menus: SYSTEM / INFORMATION SYSTEME

There are 3 different versions for R-Link 2 2.X, 3.X and 7.X. To determine the branch, the start of the software version number is based on the System Information menu.

What is the latest map version available for R-Link 2?

BranchYour software VersionUpdate software yourself?The latest software updateLast update map compatible with your software version
2.x.x.x1.4.15.905No ❌*

or if the dealer do the update.
Read the article
2015.06 Europe published in June 2016 ❌ ❌ ✅ ✅*

or if the dealer do the update.
Read the article
2021.06 : published in November 2022 ✅
3.x.x.x3.3.15.41xNo ❌

or if the dealer do the update.
Read the article ✅ ✅
7.x.x.x7.0.24.12xYes ✅ ✅
8.x.x.x8.0.32.30x-- ✅
9.x.x.x9.0.33.43xNo ❌ (update possibility to not confirmed)

It is normal that there is a delay between the capture of the data and the publication of the update (1 year).

* You can install yourself the version of you have the, or version (see this page). For the others versions: more informations about software update available on this page.

How to update the R-Link 2 Map?

You will need the R-Link 2 ToolBox (how to download it) on your computer.

Can I get a free map for R-Link 2?

At the launch of the R-Link 2, the user could download a new map for a period of one year.

Since 1st January 2017, map updates are free for 3 years ! The vehicle must have been delivered after 1st January 2017.

What is the price of an upgrading R-Link 2 Map?

If you are no longer in the eligible period, it is possible to subscribe to the updates for 1 year for 89.90 € on the R-Link Store for European map. Normally this should give you right to 2 updates. But experience has shown us that Renault had certainly had difficulties in the beginning but we note in recent months a clear improvement on the subject!

For the branch 2.2.X.Y of R-Link 2, to get the last map update you need the last version:, or Don’t buy an update if you don’t have the last version.

210 Responses to “R-Link 2 : Update Map

  • Fabio Menetto
    6 years ago

    I have installed the Rlink-2 update on my Espace, delivered in october 2016. Due to the know bugs, I did not have the possibility to install updated maps (I have the 06/2015 ), and the one year period has expired.
    Can you extend the period so that I can install the updated map ?

    Thank in advance

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Hello I can’t do anything. If you are out of the free map period (I think it is your case) you have to buy a new Europe map on the R-Link store .

      • What a crock!!
        Your system didn’t work making update impossible…. as a direct result the customer is out of time before being able to update. I would expect at LEAST a free subscription.
        Disgusted 😡

  • Maurizio
    6 years ago

    Same problem on kadjar, updated firmware, not possible to install maps….

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Is your vehicle still in the free map period (1 year for vehicles delivered before 2017, then 3 years after the 1/1/2017)? If this not the case you must buy a new Europe map on the R-Link Store.

      • Rotaru Florin
        5 years ago

        I bought in 2017 a Renault Kadjar equipped with R link 2. This year I was on holiday in Greece and the GPS was totally useless. It does not recognize any highways and the displayed speed does not correspond to the reality either it looks bigger or smaller in both Greece and Bulgaria. In Romania, GPS tells me to go suddenly to the left where it is mandatory right. I asked for details at the voice of the Renault customer and I was told that the maps are being updated in August this year, but so far nothing. I am totally disappointed, I am sure all the highways in Greece and Bulgaria have not appeared in the last year. It means I was given maps older than 10 years at a car bought in 2017.

        • Hello, what is your map version ?

          • Rotaru Florin
            5 years ago

            software release is
            boot release is 4992

        • stai ghinisor fratioare , nesimtirea la renault este far”de margini

  • Maurizio
    6 years ago

    The car is in subscription period but it’s not possible to install maps after updating from 2.17 to 2.19 firmware….

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Ok, you can try to format your USB key (fat32). Plug it in your car and wait 2 minutes to do the fingerprint. Plug it in your computer, open the R-Link 2 toolbox and your R-Link store (to see if updates are available).

      • tomidix
        6 years ago

        Is this solved?

        • tomidix
          6 years ago

          I had the similar problem, installed successfully, subscription active, but rlink store web app showing only 2015.6 map update available (even though it has been already successfully installed at least 10 times).
          I’ve contacted customer service, described the problem in detail and asked if they can redirect the case to technical team. Technical team solved the problem pretty fast. 2016.12 was available at the web app and then in toolbox right after their intervention.
          Maps are now installed and running on the vehicle without any problem.

      • Maurizio
        6 years ago

        Thanks solved. It was an usb key problem…

  • Atapour Majid
    6 years ago

    Hello, so I have installed the Rlink-2 update on my Kadjar. Now the problem is I want to but the two map updates from r-link store but in the description it shows the last map is 11.2015 and the newest one is 12.2016. So, I would like to know if the 12.2016 update for the map is included in the map pack. Thanks, Atapour Majid. P.S. I am buying the map pack from the irish website of renault.

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      The description is not up to date. If you take an one year map subscription you will be able to get the 12.2016 map.

  • Arnaldo
    6 years ago

    Hi! I have an Espace (oct. 2016) with but the map is 2015.06 and toolbox is proposing me 2015.06 again (already installed since from the beginning) and not the new one. my map update is still valid till november 2018. What I can do to install the last map version? Thank you.

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Try to install a free application from R-Link store.

    • tomidix
      6 years ago

      I wrote what I did and how I’ve solved it. Just read my post and do the same. Customer service will ask you in detail what versions are installed on your vehicle so prepare the numbers before calling them. Rlink2 version, map packages installed, navigation software version… you can find all those info in the vehicle itself.

      • admin3553
        6 years ago

        Installing a free app seems to work as well to unlock the cards. I had several excellent feedback on this method on the French site. 😉

  • Santhosh Kumar
    6 years ago

    i have installed map update on my USB stick and try to down load to car. during the update it shows an error message as “unsupported voice, please see the log:”
    when i press ok it starts updating but with in one minutes finish the update (the update file was 180Mb) After this i have inserted the USB stick to my computer and again R link tool box is showing update is available (same 180 mb) Also i have noticed that map was not updated in my car.

  • Tsvetomir Rusenov
    6 years ago

    Hi, I have some problems with my Kadjar. It’s delivered before 2017, so my free subscription is over now. The problems is that there is no way to buy anything from r-link store. Not from my home – Bulgaria store, not from GB, not from Irish store. No packs, no maps, no apps, no nothing. Also my R-link store button in apps section in car’s menu is grayed out also.

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Hello, I saw the same on french R-LINK Store , may be changes in the store, we will wait a little before being alarmed it should come back. ?

  • Hello I have some problems with the software update
    My multimedia system doesn’t work now.
    I have a iPhone X and now I can’t connect multimedia with my r-link

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Hello, what exactly doesn’t work? Do you try to remove your iPhone of Bluetooth settings and do again the Bluetooth connection? Do you try to reboot your R-Link System (long press of power button)?

  • Dear Sirs

    I’ve bought brand new Renault Talisman Initiale Paris Energy TCe 200 EDC Sto 4 control (full packed) in November 2017 with R-Link2 installed in Belgrade. I’ve updated system to latest one using Fat32 formatted SD card and all works great BUT my car is NOT online (all free apps I downloaded from My Renault website but I had to set Croatia (there is no Serbia!? as selectable country) and I’ve got Calculator, My Profile app and few others that are free). I want to get more apps that I will pay (for example – by PayPal, Bank Transfer, anything online – everything works here, I am buying Apps & Games on iOS for very long time.) but I just want to go online and be able to see traffic and any other (default) views (that even works in Google Maps).

    Car Play works well (even it has some a bit strange graphics bugs in car play maps, some pixels dissapearing and reappearing, like overlay problems with PC’s graphics cards. Since I bought iPhoneX those glitches started (system worked better with iPhone7 before).). Strange errors appears with blue tooth connection, it can disable BT connection sometimes?) but I am more interesting in going ONLINE with Renault Talisman. As a car is OFFLINE (even I turned on all sharing datas etc.) there is no GPS connection with the rest of the world, only maps are working?)

    Is it possible to set iPhoneX as a router and go online & download / buy some apps from the Talisma? Or easier – how to turn data connection on (Connect button on R-Link2 is gray, non-pressable)?

    Please can you help me, I really enjoy in this great car but this “bug” is really annoying me. People from official Renault here in Belgrade said that they can`t help me – they do not know how to set it up to go online?!

    System information:

    Software release

    Boot release

    Network Status:

    MCC/MNC: 00DC / 3
    IMEI ID: 358272083258098
    Services: Disabled

    Navigation information:


    Thank you in advance,
    Nykk / Belgrade

    • tomidix
      6 years ago

      Prika, piši na uk / gb rlink support. Meni su odgovarali prilično brzo u odnosu na naše i davali jako dobre informacije u odnosu na ovo kod nas. Što se mene tiče, u 1. mjesecu sam instalirao samostalno update na Rlink2, a kad sam im to rekao reakcija im je bila da je to nemoguće, da korisnici na Rlink 2 nisu u mogućnosti sami to napraviti… Dok su mi u UK supportu još u 10./11. mjesecu govorili da se očekuje da korisnici uskoro sami rade update, i da to očekuju početkom 2018. i nemaju točan datum. guglaj R-Link Helpline UK da ne pišem tu mailove.. samo reci englezima da naši ne znaju popravit..

  • Michael Bay Mørkeberg
    6 years ago

    Hi There. So the new map 2017.06 is only for ppl with the 8’7 screens and not the 7’ Screens?

    • admin3553
      6 years ago

      Yes for the moment ?

      • Michael Bay Mørkeberg
        6 years ago

        That sucks ? I have asked around alot of places to get my 7′ screen changed to the 8’7 screen in my Talisman. But everyone says it cannot be done. Do you know anything about that?

  • Michael Bay Mørkeberg
    6 years ago

    That sucks 🙂 I have asked around alot of places to get my 7′ screen changed to the 8’7 screen in my Talisman. But everyone says it cannot be done. Do you know anything about that?

  • 8,7″ – portrait
    7″ – lanscape

    Glad to help.
    Congratulations to Admin, very good website.
    Megane IV owner from Poland.

    6 years ago


  • Witam. Czy instalował ktoś tą wersję *.300 zmieniono coś ?

  • Hello. I have a software and in my case for this moment it is not possible to upgrade. In car I have a map from 2014.12 and end supscryption. In my R-link store I have a proposition update map 2015.06. Why not 2017.06 (8.7″ display). Will I have when I buy supscryption? I don’t want to waste a money for map 2015.06.

  • Ahmed Nagy
    6 years ago

    Ok so i am 3.3.15 and need to Update to 3.3.16 and when pushing the R link tool it gives me only map updates not Firmware update to 3.3.16, any idea what could be the issue. \


    • Hello, to update from 3.3.15 to 3.3.16 you need to go to your Renault dealer. ?

  • Terry Provis
    6 years ago

    I have updated the map in my Kadjar (7″ screen) to version to 12.2016 but it doesn’t show a local roundabout which was finished in 2015.
    How old is this version and how soon will an update be available?

  • mohamed refaie
    6 years ago

    i have kadjar 2018 from egypt . the installed maps are outdated , like 4 years old!! i need to update them can you help . i called the dealer and sent several emails but they are just a big joke to represent renulat name .

  • mohamed refaie
    6 years ago

    i have kadjar 2018 from egypt . the installed maps are outdated , like 4 years old!! i need to update them can you help . i called the dealer and sent several emails but they are just a big joke to represent renulat name

  • Maybe I am stupid but you say 8.7″ landscape and 7″ portrait. You are sure? I think they are vice versa ( 8.7″ portrait and 7″ landscape)

    • Ok, I found now another guy saw the same issue. Sorry! I must say you lost me at ” Meni su odgovarali prilično brzo brbbzbrbdr ghtttdhbrzzzz bgrzz…..” post

  • I am trying to update my maps and always r link store is error page not found.
    from germany

  • Catalin
    6 years ago

    Salut! Am un renault talisman si am cumpărat un abonament pentru 3 ani map update full europa am instalat cea mai nouă versiune firmware În contul my renault am doar update pentru 06.2015. De ce nu gasesc noile hărți pentru care am platit? Am întrebat si la dealer ă spus sa astept. Dar tot astept de 3 luni si nimic, nu este normal am platit 150€ si eu am in continuare harta de 2015.

  • Catalin
    6 years ago

    Hello! I have a renault talisman and I bought a subscription for 3 years map update full europa I have installed the latest firmware version In my renault account I only have update for 06.2015. Why do not I find the new maps for which I paid? I asked the dealer to wait. But I still wait for 3 months and nothing, it’s not normal I paid 150 € and I still have the 2015 map.

    • Try to install a free application in the R-Link Store using the R-Link 2 toolbox (like the clock) . After you should have the last map on the update page of the R-Link Store. ?

      • What free application? How does it call? I do have version but I can not updated anything. R – link tool box does not recognize USB and the file on the drive. Also I can not connect with R-link store. Data sharing is On but I can not access to the shop.

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  • I keep getting checksum error update failed. Any idea?

    • What map version you try to install?

      I get erron during installing 2017.06.

  • I followed your guide and installed the latest firmware version The only map update available for me when trying to update the map was 2015.06 after updating my R-link. I tried to install a free app but I still didn’t get other map updates. It still offered me map update 2015.06 which I already had installed one year ago. I have a Espace from April 2016 so my map subscription had expired in april 2017. Now I paid a map subscription for a year and the update to 2017.06 was available in R-LINK toolbox. Hallelujah, It’s downloading right now. Finally a new map?

  • Catalin
    6 years ago

    Hello! I have a renault talisman 2016, I paid a subscription for 3 years mapp update service full europe 4 months ago, I installed version software initialization 5446 in my renault account there is only map 06.2015.I installed a free application, formatted stick but nothing I’ve been to the dealer, I’ve called and all the updates are up to date. Everybody says there should be a new map 2017. Why do not I find the new map I paid for? Who can help me? Nobody knows, I’ve watched all your tutorials and nothing. What can I do next, is it normal to last so long?

    • Hello, to install your free application you used the R-link tool box and an USB stick? Can you try to install an other one?

      • Catalin
        6 years ago

        From the toolbox I installed I use a 32 gb usb stick. I will try with another usb stick. I did everything I need, just like the renault hotline said. I followed all the tutorials on the internet. If it does not work I need to get in touch with those in France they said from hotline renault. Thank you!

      • Catalin
        6 years ago

        Has it so happened to pay 4 months to do all the updates to follow all the steps and not to work? The car is bought from Germany.

  • Hi, I have bought a Megane 2018 model in UAE. I want to update the maps in the Rlink 2. How can i do that ? The map current showing in the store is only Europe.

    Pls help

  • According to instructions, I managed to make a system upgrade to version
    However, I have questions regarding the latest version of the navigation maps, so please help.
    I downloaded the map 2017.16 version with R-Link2 Toolbox.
    According to the instructions, I’ve updated maps without errors, but after the update process I see that the new map application is not installed.
    In the list of my applications I see – the TomTom map of Europe 2017.06 application, however, says the application is not installed.
    I tried to repeat the procedure, but nothing changed.
    In the R-Link Store on my Renault account, under Edit my products, I see under SD CARD that Map of Europe 2017.06 is copied twice to the system.
    However, it is not installed and cannot be uninstalled, so I can try the installation process again.

    System information:

    Software release

    Boot release


    Navigation information:
    MM2014 Navigation – Feb 13 2017
    Base content – mappackage_tt_feu-2014_12
    Extra content – mappackage_tt_atos_feu_high-20115_06, mappackage_tt_feu-2017_06

    Is this normal behaviour to see new maps only under extra content in navigation information, and not like a new installed application (Tomtom map of Europe 2017_06 – under my products)?

    • Yes , all is normal , you have the last map update ?

      • Thanks for your quick answer!
        Do you know why in the R-Link Store account, under Edit my products – SD CARD, I see two rows with the same name – Map of Europe 2017.06?
        And also why on the list of applications says that TomTom map Europe 2017.06 is not installed?

  • Hello,
    I and also service of Renault tried to update maps to 2017.06 and each time get error of maps updatting when it install.

    It happens after over 15minutes of installing maps in r link.

    I own 8,7″

    2016.12 maps version also never get completly full installed. Each time I was gettimg error durring installation.

    I am on trim in Europe now. On the way maps were available in Poland and Slovenia. Screen was plain in Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Croatia.

    Any solution, how to install maps ? I Tried few memorys SD , USB also Renault servis tried.

  • Also when stick memory in to R link and start to update maps, get information “unsuported voice, please see the log”.

  • Hi, I live in IRAN. I have bought a Koleos 2018 in Iran. I want to update the maps in the Rlink 2.
    but unfortunately there isn’t my country in rlinkstore’s list. How can i do?

    which country rlinkstore contains free map of Iran?

    • Hello, you are living in a beautiful country ? . What is the map version you have in your Koleos (dont forget to see the extra component in the map version page at the bottom) ?

      • Thank you sincerely. Really my country is very beautiful.
        We welcome you. Iranians are hospitable ?.
        My software version is and navigation version is

        • Ok you give me the firmware version. To see the map version you need to go to Menu / Navigation then Option (button bottom right) then Version

          • EAmiri
            5 years ago

            unfortunately I can’t find that. Exactly there isn’t this item in my R-link’s option.
            menu/navigation/map/option(There are some items and I check all of them)
            Be careful that I do not have any map at all. only a map of world with countries name (and some cities.)

          • Admin
            5 years ago

            You have to go to option in the Navigation menu and not in the map:
            Menu/Navigation/option/version ?

          • EAmiri
            5 years ago

            oh excuse me.
            I was checking that with my wife by phone ?.

            oct 19 2016
            base content

  • hi i live in iran and i have a talisman but i cant find my country map update in rlink toolbox what should i do?there is a just a update for europe. please help me

  • oh excuse me.
    I was checking that with my wife by phone ?.

    oct 19 2016
    base content

    • Dear Admin. Is it possible to update soon?
      Is there a faster solution for what I have described?
      thanks a lot

  • Hi
    Yesterday, I asked about how to find Iran map for R-link2.
    Would you please answer and help me?

  • hi,

    I have a Renault Talimsna, runing R-Link 2, updated to the latest firmware

    My navigation shows only from time to time real time traffic information. What exactly is the problem and how it can be fixed. I drive in Bulgaria.

  • I live in Iran, I would like Iran map for Koleos 2017.
    could you please release that for our country
    Software version:
    boot: 5276
    oct 19 2016
    base content

    • Hello the last map for Iran is a 2017 map. It should be displayed at the bottom of the base content in a a new part called extra contents (or something like this). In the rlink store for your car you don’t see any update?

      • I asked same question and I don’t see any update for Iran in the rlink store. Only there is an update for Europe.

  • babak_tj
    5 years ago

    im from iran and i have a Renault koleos I would like Iran map my navigation information is :
    Software version:
    boot: 5276
    oct 19 2016
    base content
    but when im run r link2 toolbox in my pc i can see map of europe for downloads also in rlink store no iran map for update . can you help me.

  • I checked it right now. When I taped the”extra content” no item can be seen.
    I checked the”Details” too.

  • Good afternoon, I do not know if it is a system download error, I had installed the version and when introducing the Vin on the website of multimediarenault. I downloaded an update of the version that has been installed correctly in my kadjar, everything works correctly, but now what happens with future updates?, will return in the future to a 2.xxx or continue to be updated in 3. xxx

    • Hallo,
      As this is not reported by other people here, does it works ok since the update, included other functions?
      Anyone knows anything about this can happen? I’ve received some messages, included in the car LCD, to do a function
      update, but in multimedia Renault site no new version available. As the message does not tell the target firmware
      version, can’t be sure if i will get it, or if i already have it installed.

    • Hi Raul,
      do you have the downloaded files used for yuor update from 2.2 to 3.3??
      Please let me know also on igno_v @ hotmail.com

  • Hello checked if there are some updates available with an usb key and there were some applications available and a map update. I started to download all to the 8 gb stick and an error occured (probably low memory in the end) so i ve formated the stick and checked again for updates (after pluging in the car) but this time only the map update was available and the email app (there were like 5 more apps available before). My firmware version of rlink2 is and the navigation info is What can i do to receive again the updates before the error? Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I own a Talisman with 8.7 inch. Software version is In R-link store account a map update v 2017/06 is listed. Unfortunately on toolbox noting is listed. Some time a message apear like this: “the service is temporarily unavailable. please try gain later”.
    I have tried with different USB and SD cards with 8gb capacity.
    I’ve tried to remove or install some free applications from store account with no success. Always the message above apears.
    Is there any way to resolve the issue?

    Thanks in advance…

  • Nader Sarkis
    5 years ago

    I just upgraded from 3.3.15 to 3.3.16 through my renault service center and there is a lot of problems with the new software like the reverse camera and parking sensors are not working anymore, the A/C is always working. They said they don’t know why that happened and e-mailed mother company in france with no answer till now.


  • elvedin ramić
    5 years ago

    i recently bought Espace V from 2015. I had software version, which I updated today on ( 5327 ) successfully. in system i find that navigation is version. When i check on R store i can see that i have 1412 Map of Europe installed.

    How can i get 2017.06 Europe published in March 2018 (8.7 inch portrait) and May 2018 (7 inch landscape)? R link store ( nor R link tool box ) does not show me that i can update maps to this version?

    Does anyone know ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello, i don’t know. I have never tried to pass to an other map from an European map. Have you tried to call the Renault Helpline?
      the answer you will receive interests me to complete the site

  • Hello,
    You need to buy one year update in my Renault site, as in 2015, one year free updates are provided at the time.
    Maybe, if you also choose one small free app to download, you can see the latest map available to you, but not the latest one 2017-06, as you new to have a valid subscription first. You already updated firmware, then no much trouble doing it.
    Good Luck

  • Hello everbody,

    and specially to an owner of this great site, for his great work to help all of Renault’s owners with Rlink2 system, as i’m. Car is from 2015, previous subscription was expired, sw was old 2.12.17.xx , and then i updated to the latest, all past ok, then went to the rlink store website, purchased map update service Europe item, then connected usb 2 mins in my car, then started rlink toolbox, connected usb, and there was recognized 2017.06 Europe map update, based on my purchase from rlink store+vin, which they use probably for identification, as it’s written on file dumped on usb from rlink2 unit in car.

    So, at all, all ok for now, tomorrow will try install latest 2017.06 maps, hope all will pass ok 🙂 , will update you by news.

  • Richard Maidment
    5 years ago

    Just logged into the Rlink store today (UK) and there is a summer offer for the latest Europe map and 3 months of traffic updates for £30 which seems a good deal. Downloading as I type this!

  • Installed 2017.06 maps, all past ok, didn’t get that discount at Croatia Rlink store, had to pay 85e.

  • I have Renault Megane Grand coupe 2017 -7″ newest software for r link2 and news maps, after last updates base content mapppackage_TT_FEU-2014_12. After last updates extra content mappackage_tt_Feu_2017-06. navigation starts to be frozen, sometimes working sometimes not is a ring and searching like losing GPS.

    • Try rebooting the unit, it means powering off completely by pressing power off a few seconds, then after a pause, pressing again , power on, for a second, and wait for it to show up again. I do it, always, after an update, to avoid missing operations to be executed during use. It worked for me so far , in the 8.7inch version.

  • Does anyone have any info, for release date for 2017-12, or newer maps?

  • Hans Bosma
    5 years ago

    Got a (7 inch), but after succesfully downloading the 2017-12 map on usb stick, the system in the car tells me “map update is invalid” (translated from Dutch “kaart-update is ongeldig”. Can someone help? What could be the problem? I recently bought the car and succesfully installed the 2017-06 map. Thanks a lot.

  • Stilian
    5 years ago

    Dear team,

    I do have a kadjar from 2015 and I am located in Bulgaria.
    My maps are all very outdated from 2015 but in R-LInk Store and in R-Link 2 Toolbox I have no maps available to purchase, and I really like to pay and have my new maps. Below is my system information:

    Software release:
    Boot release: 4992
    HUID: CAPGCKS0164D5000166
    Navigation information: MM2014
    Base content: mappackahe_tt_fen_2014_12
    Extra content: mappackage_tt_fen_mid_2015_06
    Base map 2012.03 [150413] produced by NNG
    Bulgaria 2015.06 produced by TomTom

    PS: I have tried already with formatted USB stick and was able to install some free applications, but for the paid ones I do not see the “Pay” option where to put my credit card number.

    Thank you in advance for your recommendations and help!

  • Trif Ovidiu
    5 years ago

    Hello, have a renault megane intense 1.6dci, from 08.2017 with Rlink2(7″ screen).
    Software version:
    Initialization software: 5276

    I see europe map update for 2017.12 but when I try to apply this update, after license and check sum, at copy files it finish unexpected with “Update failed”. The same happened with 2017.06 update. The only update I was able to apply was 2016.12(which is actually current version).
    I tried with 4 different USB sticks all with the same result.
    What can I do?

  • Dear Admin . 2017-12 was October. to be precise in time not March. I miss the update for a few days , 2 to be precise. Renault quality wasn’t superb here, we never know when things go out. Respect for customers?

  • About the update for 2017.12, the file “mappackage_tt_FEU_high_2017_12-part3.sku” is corrupted! When you try to unpack the file it appears an error
    in the unpacked file “Spain.fbl”. I think that is reason why the update fails!

  • Trif Ovidiu Adrian
    5 years ago

    Sergio, I’m able to extract from packages the file you mentioned as corrupt(using winrar).
    Must be other problem. I wonder if internal sd card from R-link 2 can be browsed so I can upload directly on it the “content” directory.

  • I have recently purchased a Renault Scenic 4th generation. Lovely car drives beautifully and I’m happy enough with the car. My problem is with the R-link 2. I’m on 3.3.15 and I notice some functions or menus missing. For example, no lane departure warning volume setting, no ionizer option and I don’t see Apple Carplay options. Can anyone advise?

  • You need , at least , to update your Rlink2 software to 3.3.16. As Admin post here ..

    Hello, to update from 3.3.15 to 3.3.16 you need to go to your Renault dealer. ?

    As it say here https://www.gps-rlink.com/r-link-2/update-software/

    • –> Incluye CarPlay (para teléfonos Apple) y Android Auto (para teléfonos Android)

    Hope it helps

  • Thanks Albano. I’m booked in for the update on Thursday. Hopefully it will add those additional functions. Will post back after the update.

  • Ok, so today I had my R-Link 2 updated to, the latest version, done by my local Renault Dealership. Disappointingly, no change to the menu items – I still don’t see anywhere an option for Lane Departure Warning volume nor the ioniser/air freshener in the Take Care menu. Also, the guy tried his iPhone as I had left mine at home and no sign of the Apple Carplay option either. I’m a but disappointed and at a loss as to how to get these options. I’ve contacted Renault Connected Services to see if they can advise but any suggestions welcome!

  • Further to my last post, I have gone into the menus again and specifically the driving assistance menu item – there should be a traction control item as well with options auto and expert. I’m sure I saw this before but it is not there now after that 3.3.16 update! Now that is definitely one item that should be present as all the Scenic IVs have traction control. My model is close to top of the range being a Dynamique S Nav with additions such as Bose sound system, full LED headlights, parking pack premium and safety pack premium including adaptive cruise control. I think those missing options in the menus I have reported should be on the R-Link 2 but I’m not seeing them. Getting a little annoyed with the system!

  • I have tried to download and install the update and the website tells me my system does not require any update when I put in my VIN number – so I am not given the option to download I have to say that Renault do not help much and their instructions are poor. I think I will have to ring their helpline but am not confident I’ll get anywhere. I was contemplating doing a general reset but am worried it will mak things worse and I’ll lose the update to which I had done by the dealership yesterday!! Not good really. If anyone from Renault Connected Services can help I would appreciate it if they email me.

    • Hello, As you just went to 3.3.16 it is not impossible that the website has not been updated yet. I advise you to use the software rlink toolbox to check if there is no updates. If in a few days nothing changes, I advise you to contact the Helpline.

  • Ok so I’m posting an update! I’m still waiting on the update – their technical dept is trying to figure out how I can get the update. They have told me that the missing functions on my R-Link device had to be ordered at the time of purchase and as my car is 2016 model and was driven by the Dealership management those functions were not ordered. The functions I’m alluding to include lane departure warning sound/volume, the ioniser in air quality menu, overspeed alert and traction control settings in the vehicle menu – driving assistance (standard and expert modes). So I don’t have any of these which is annoying particularly as I’d prefer sound alerts for going over speed limits and lane departures. The updates will make no difference!!

  • I find this response odd as I have never seen on Renault website when configuring a new Renault for ordering, any option for choosing specific items relating to R-Link menus/functions. Anybody have any thoughts on their response as to why I am missing those functions?

  • Sezgin KAYAALTI
    5 years ago

    Kadjar 02.2017 sahibiyim.
    Yazılım sürümü:
    Ancak 2017.12 harita sürümünü alamadım?

  • I have a new model RenaultMegane (reg. 2017 ) with Rlink 2 installed. Had one map update of v2015 last year but that map is 4 years old now. Why on earth isn’t there a more update map free on Rlink store given that I should have 3 years of free updates.? If there is a newer map how do I access it from the Rlink store as it is not showing on updates?

    • Verify the firmware level available from your Rlink2 at easyconnect.renault.com, using the car VIN number, and compare with yours. Update it if needed, and see again which maps are available to you in rlink store, from inside your my Renault account, My products, and select manage the products, and then manage the maps. If you are lucky , all is there, hopefully 🙂

    • I own a Kadjar 66 registration and the r link 2 system is version , boot release 5446 . Why my r link option in the car is greyed ? Not able to download anything from R link store and either register . Also I heard that you can change my software from to 7.x version . Where that can be done ?

  • Bonjour , J’ ai acheté une megane gt dci 165 du 19 02 2018 chez renault le 14/03/2019 , pouvez vous me dire si je peux mettre à jour la carte europe gratuitement ou si il faut payer , en mettant ma clé usb j’ ai une carte qui charge va ton me demander de payer par la suite

  • Frederik Hansen
    5 years ago

    Hi, I live in the Faroe Islands which is part of the Nordic Countries and part of Europe. But there is no map coverage for the Faroe Islands. Is it possible to get or buy a map for the Faroe Islands?

  • Today, noticed in Myrenault that an map update was issued on May 04 -2019. As no news here, anyone know more about it?

    Map Update Service : Europe
    84,90 €
    Data de atualização:
    Tipo de produto:
    Espaço necessário:
    0,0 Mb

    12-month subscription allowing up to 2 updates – Area covered: Europe (45 countries)

    Rgds to all

  • New Map Update – V2018.06

  • Hi,

    I have Kadjar 1.6 dci bose 4×4 – 10/2015 and original R-link 2 v. with maps 2015.06

    Is it safe to update only maps with R-Link 2 Toolbox?


  • Yes it is. I should download the other updates also btw.

    Which format Rlink do you have? I’m still waiting for my Rlink2 8.7″ with 3.3.* firmware for the 2018-map.

    • What do you mean when you say “Which format Rlink do you have?”

  • Maurizio Nosotti
    4 years ago

    I confirm map 04.2019 on myrenault, but I have not subscriction…


  • I confirm too map 04.2019 available on myrenault.
    I have valid subscription till 02/2020 but on myrenault account it says I have to pay a bit more than 80€…
    Waiting for myrenault support answer about this

  • Hi, can someone help me.
    I have 2018.06 map update at the Rlink store, but RLink toolbox saying “There are no downloads”.

    Rlink stopped to see any downloads when I downloaded all to my usb flash drive and this updates has been failed, because I have installed, but toolbox downloaded the

    Can someone help me to install maps update or maybe I can check maybe it was installed the 2018.06 already and I’m up to date

    • Hello and 160 are the same. Try to install a free apps (like the clock) and then try to download again the 2018.06 map. You can check which map you have following steps on this page on the top (how check may map version?) 😉

  • F. Sousa
    4 years ago

    Hi! I have a Renault Megane IV with R-Link 2 (april 2018) and came with a 3 year subscription of maps update.
    At moment I have installed maps version 2018.6 but this version is outdated, because so many error in my zone.
    The problem is that R-Link 2 Toolbox always show this version to update and I already install many times and always with success. Because of this I contact my Renault dealer and they contact main Renault Portugal support (connected services) and no success. They also did a reset to the system and always r-link toolbox shws version 2018.6 as na update.
    I also contact Renaut main support and they told me this is the latest maps and that I must complain to TomTom to send a new update.
    I think some is wrong with this updates and there is a new version and system is unable to do that.
    a few months ago, before update de R-Link 2 system, same thing happen with uptade version 2017.12.
    After updated the R-link 2 system, I was able install the 2018.6 version from toolbox.
    So, I think ksomething is wrong…
    I would like to know what is the latest version of maps available for R-Link 2 and if its possible to install without toolbox.
    If someone could help I apreciate.

    Software Version

    Startup Software Information

    Navegation Information

  • Miguel Ribeiro
    4 years ago

    Tenho o mesmo problema, mas na versão Já instalei esse mapa 3 vezes e continua a dizer que tenho esse update!!!

    • Diz sempre, nunca mudaram esse comportamento. Com as apps desaparecem, mas os mapas ficam, talvez porque se não usares uma pen boa, falham. Hoje ja consegui fazer o download do mapa 2018.12, e tenho mesmo firmware.

      • Parece que ja ‘curaram’ o defeito, pelo menos hoje via toolbox e via Myrenault, ja não aparece a atualizacao
        do ultimo mapa que ja esta na viatura. 🙂

  • I thought people might be interested that I put my car in to the dealer in Cambridge for a service, and without prompting, they upgraded my RLink from to

    Not only that, yesterday I found that I had the possibility to update the map from Europe 2018.06 to 2018.12, which i did not even know was out.

  • Today maps 2018.12 available to download, with firmware

  • thank you getting

  • If I update my R LInk 2 firmware with a Renault dealer, will I also lose my existing navigation charts? Will I have to buy new maps or will it be able to pass a new map update 2018.06 for free?
    Update R Link2, costs € 40, but I don’t know if old navigation charts remain or I have nothing !?

    • You will pass to a v7 software version. You will keep your current map (which would be very old) and yes you will have to pay to get the last map 😉

  • Hello all,
    Does anyone get, or payed an hardware replacement for R-Link2 , from a previous hardware generation, 3 exist, and the
    difficulties around it?
    Like it’s possible but you loose map updates, and need to buy new one….
    Not possible from generation A to B … or not possible any config at all
    Any other problem or issue….

    Rgds to all, and Admin

  • I have version and just tried to install new map 2019.06.2020 but will not install any help?

  • system: just was able to update to map to 2018-12. No 2019-06 yet in Netherlands for Kadjar. Or others did?

  • Paulo Tracanas
    4 years ago

    Hi Nick, also have software version and yesterday (at night) had installed new map update 2019.06.
    Haven’t seen yet if all corrections I’ve sent to Tom Tom if they’re ok now.
    Regarding map update so far so good.

  • I have r-link version but r-link tool box says there is no update available although my map is 2018.12 (and Map Update Services active untill 2022)

  • Likewise, don’t see any 2019.06 update at all…

  • Got the 2019-06 now. Installed this morning! Great! (Kadjar/Netherlands)

  • I have KOLEOS II. System I install map update on my SD card (through R-toolbox). When I put it into my car it said that it is start to prepare for instalation. But it didn’t progress and finally it didn’t install update.

  • Nicklas herholdt
    3 years ago

    Trying to download Map of Europe V2019.06(Release Store 2020.Q2), but it is unbelievable slow?
    My internet connection is fine.

    • Nicklas
      3 years ago

      And now it failed, so after 3 hours and 31% it shut down and all is lost?

    • Hi Nicklas,
      can you please share it i am not able to see this update ?


  • Does anyone know if RLINK2 Team/Support still exists?? It’s a SHAME last map update being from 2019.06…
    Maybe they’re too tired…

    • Martijn
      3 years ago

      I’ve just found available the European map version V2019.12 (2020.Q4).
      (R-Link, from France, using R-Link 2 Toolbox)


  • Update not yet available for Portugal

  • Downloading 2019.12 map update, after sending email to RLINK2 Support.
    22% so far.

  • Map update done.
    Let’s see if radar’s issue is now solved…
    So fa, with only one trip is working fine, but it’s too soon so I can say it’s really ok

  • Radar issues not solved after this update.
    Had received new instructions from RLINK2 Support but… COVID stopped me @home for a “few” days.
    Will try those new intructions from RLINK2 Support as soon as I can leave home…

  • No Oceania update since 2019.6 🙁

  • Espace V 2015. Upgrade to soft 3.x and now android auto works.But there is a well known bug of rear cams with guide lines not correctly positioned. Anyone cna help in solving them with the right values to be input?

  • Tried to install the South-Asia V2019.06 (Release Store 2020.Q2). The first time I tried there is no prompt at all. Subsequently I check my toolbox it prompt me to download the same map for update. I check the mapupdate_summary it shows Result code:16, Possible root cause – Update package already installed.

    I suspect it was not installed properly. Any idea how to uninstall? I cant find any instructions on it.

  • Benyamin
    3 years ago

    Hi There,
    any idea how to upgrade rlink 2 map for Iran(middle east)? i did some research in internet and I came up with the idea of finding “extra content” file. but in my rlink tool 2, there is no extra_content file and only update for Europe map is available.
    Any advice would be appreciated


  • hello
    i live in iran and i cant upgrade my map
    talisman 2017

  • Andy McLaren
    2 years ago

    Hi Got a Renault RS 2018 in Australia no map updates since 2019 when will I get a new one?

  • Any news about next map update release date??
    Last update was already 8 months ago… think Renault costumers should have better service regarding these updates…

  • Oonagh Heathcock
    2 years ago

    Hello, I Bought a Renault Zoe new in March 2019 and should have 3 years map updates . It expired in month of June 2021 . Why ? It should be 3 years . How do I get the extra year ?

  • 2020.06 became available for my UK Clio running EasyLink this week. Downloaded and installed fine

  • I have scenic IV year 2018 and i have updated the R-Link from the version to now i have two issues i would like to fix the temperatur is not shown anymore and it’s in Ferenheit so it’s display –F° and there is no sound from the radio or conected phone or the Navi. Do you know how i can fix this issue? Is there a way to downgrade again in case it’s not possible to fix the issue? Best, Tim

  • Hi there – just tried to update my 1 year old kadjar maps from the factory installed Feb 2019 to the 2020 version: system software is
    The USB stick completed an apparently flawless download of the maps via the toolbox to 100% and the toolbox showed the green “confirmation” tick. I put the USB stick into my car which recognised the stick and stated “no audio files” – I then waited for the prompt to start the upload but nothing happens.
    Any advice please ?? C.

  • Sorted out thanks to very helpful lady from renault !

  • I am the owner of a Renault Megane IV. car. No map update has been received for a year (latest version 2020 Q4). In addition, navigation often misplans roads. What can I do?

  • I own a Megane IV station and last map update has been received on 11/2020 and map update date is 2019.12.

  • György Henter
    2 years ago

    Hello R-link2 users,

    In my experience, Renault provides very little support for the R-link2 system. Navigation quality is poor, often poorly designed. Map updates have not been received for at least a year instead of twice a year. Does anyone have an idea how to get Renault to meet its obligations during the warranty period? I specifically want to achieve a navigation improvement. I suggest we come together and press Renault

    Best regards,


  • Hi György
    got your idea, mas don’t think u can “move the world” by yourself. U’re right about what u say, but there’s nothing we can do unless don’t buy a RENAULT next time. Apart from that u only get some news from RENAULT when they want. It took more than an year and half to RLINK2 Support got my messages about radar option being randomly disconnect from software without any action from myself. Now that took knowleadge of my error I’m still waiting for next version 7 update that they said it would be released by the end of 2021.
    My map update payment is almost finishing, and stil no answer from RLINK Support.

    Like someone famous say: “Nexpresso, whatelse”… I mean: it’s Renault, whatelse…

  • György Henter
    2 years ago

    Hi Paulo,

    Unfortunately, you are right. I am saddened, I am very disappointed in Renault. It’s all annoying. The software is the most serious version, the map is the latest version, the map update will work for another 1.5 years. Navigation regularly plans roads poorly. Plus, I have a portable TomTom navigation and it works well. I can see that TomTom works well if it is customized by experts in that particular hardware. I was hoping to have a comfortable and familiar navigation built in that didn’t need to be connected with different wires, plus glued to the windshield, so it’s nice and good. For this I got this shit that is in Renault. I would most like to throw everything out of the vehicle and replace the software with the TomTom app. I would subscribe there for a year and therefore get a constantly updated map of traffic data and an app. I would also pay for internet access in the vehicle, but unfortunately it is also tied to Renault. It’s all a big dose of shit.

  • https://www.carvocal.com/urun/renault-megane-4-android-multimedya-sistemi

    PS – I’m not annoucing anything: just trying to show a possible change that can be made on Megane 4. If this type of information is not allowed please delete it.

    • György Henter
      2 years ago

      Hi Paulo,

      Thanks for the information, of course I understand them correctly.


      György Henter

  • György Henter
    2 years ago

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know anything about Renault’s 2021 map update? They know nothing about brand representation. During 2021, no map update was received for the Rlink-2 system. They have promised two a year, but they can no longer release one at Renault. It’s pretty cool that they can’t do that either. How can one believe in the Renault brand to believe any of its promises if they are unable to do so and are not even able to communicate the situation? Christmas is coming, I don’t think they’re going to work during the holidays and release a map update at Renault. I think this slippage right now and dealing with it is very negative a serious brand couldn’t afford that.

    György Henter

  • Hi

    Renault was suppose to release a map update and a system update till end of 2021.
    Have alteady send an email to Renault but no anwser so far.
    System update will be

    • György Henter
      2 years ago


      Renault is lying back and forth. I was told by the Hungarian customer service that they were informed in May that the two map updates a year would be only one a year. The question of why the customer was not informed about this could not be answered. 1-2 days ago I was given the answer that there would be no map update (2021) until next year. They seem to be in big trouble, they can’t promise anymore. I think Renault is not a reliable partner, it is not able to keep its promises, it is breaking a contract.

      György Henter

  • Udo Wieden
    2 years ago

    Hi there
    Some words from Sweden about the outdated Map of Europe.
    I have a Renault Kadjar 2019 with R-Link 2 installed. I got 3 years of free Europe maps updates and my latest Car-update is V2019.12(Release Store 2020.Q4).
    It takes at last 8 month to gather all new road information. That means that the map is from early 2019. Today, the first of January 2022, the map is about 3 years old.
    That’s why the have 3 Years of free Map-updating. Because if you are lucky you get one before the free update expires.

    • Henter György
      2 years ago

      Hello Udo,

      Renault paid me compensation, because the R-link2 system has another flaw (navigation incorrectly planning a route). In many cases, when requesting the fastest route, it suggests a route 30-40 minutes longer than the truly fastest route. As the distance between the two endpoints is 250 km, this seems like a serious mistake. I noticed that the navigation was diverted to other roads instead of a highway. Both routes are shown on the map. I can reconstruct the error at any time. I suggest contacting your brand representative and be persistent and consistently adhere to the truth. I think you also have a design flaw in the R-link2 system and from then on it is not a warranty but a manufacturing defect and – I think – affects tens of thousands of cars, even just a map update problem. If we are enough, Renault should not sweep away the problem. If you need more information write me and I will describe how I got Renault to pay me.

      • Udo Wieden
        2 years ago

        Hello György
        Thank you for your information and I hope that more people get pissed off by there attitude. I thought Renault R-link uses TomTom-maps and motor. If not, because they thought they where more capable or want to make it unique, then they didn’t learn there lesson.
        How do I come in contact with you? Write to you? My native language is german. You can also contact me via udowieden@gmail.com.

        Have a nice day, Udo

  • Udo Wieden
    2 years ago

    Hello everyone
    I got an free update on the Europe-map on the 28/1 2022 for my car build: End of 2018, first registration in Sweden Mars 2019, Model 2019 Bose.

    The different software-versions for the R-Link2 system on my Kadjar are now
    Systeminfo Version 5534
    Navigation info
    Latest Map-update is now
    Map of Europe V2020.12(Release Store 2021.Q4)

    I installed the update but I have not used it for a trip. If something strange happens I will inform you
    Have a nice day, Udo

  • Indeed there’s a Q4 2021 map update, I’m downloading it at this moment. System version is, exact minor version I’ll know after car update. Will update you shortly.

  • Hi Pete

    you’re downloading Map of Europe V2020.12(Release Store 2021.Q4).
    Same here happened to me, also with System version is
    have noticed some great updates on this map

  • Danny Sjöblom
    1 year ago

    I’m really disappointed and I don’t understand your policy of a free update period. for the navigation system. On my Kadjar (2017) it is a disaster , has really never worked properly and now not possible to update, but I don’t really need it any more because I’m using the GPS on my mobilephone and it’s free and works perfect. So you and your R-links navigation system is old and far behind its time . You must do better.

  • Renault’s policy is terrible. So I had to prepare my own maps – using SKU creator. I have a full Europe now. Map data from 2/2022 (simultaneous use of HERE and TomTom maps). It has 6 GB and I think it’s the best solution. Don’t wait for Renault, because Renault won’t help us.

  • Rosy is there any change u share it to all of us?

  • Rosy is there any chance u share it to all of us?

  • Have installed few minutes ago map update version “MAP OF EUROPE V2021.06 (RELEASE STORE 2022.Q2)”
    Not so sure this will solve radar issues but Renault said it will.
    For me it’s an issue, only solved with a software upgrade.
    Let’s see in the next days that I’m right or not…

  • Domenico
    5 months ago

    Any map update (branch 7)?

    • Not yet.
      Shame on Renault that stopped RLINK2 updates (software and map updates).
      System is very good (for me), works very well…
      Can´t understand being abandoned.
      Still have have valid subscription… don’t know what for because latest map update is almost 1 year ago…
      No more Renault’s for sure
      Also have

  • Map of Europe V2022.06 (Release store 2023.Q2) released

  • I’ve been using this new map update since it was released and can’t believe how this new map update have so many errors!!.
    It’s too bad to be true.
    Some streets that have been modified to have to have traffic in only one way, for several years, and now appear with 2 traffic ways…

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