R-Link 2 : Coyote

January 24th, 2018

From the R-Link 1, it is possible to have the Coyote application directly in the R-Link 2 system.

The features are very similar to the ones found on the boxes of the brand or the applications samrtphones.Β It is possible to have the speed limitations but especially the different alerts live.

Like the R-Link 1 it is possible to have the application in full screen. Certainly it is visible but then not very practical if you want to follow a navigation route or change the multimedia source.

If you go to another screen, the Coyote application still works in background. A pop-up will appear if you are above the speed limit in a danger zone or approaching a speed camera.

Coyote Rlink 2

Since September 2016, Renault has released an update to the Coyote application to display the application in a widget on the home screen and it’s great!

Update Coyote Application

To benefit from it, it is necessary to have version 1.20 of the Coyote application. If you do not have the widget just make an update using the R-Link 2 Toolbox application downloadable to your computer.

  • Start by saving the data of your R-LINK 2 on a USB stick
  • In your vehicle, connect your USB stick then turn on your R-LINK.
  • Wait for two minutes then remove the USB stick: a file called R-LINK should have been created. N.B.: there is no message signalling that the data has been saved.
  • Connect you USB stick to your computer with the R-Link 2 ToolBox (Download it: Windows, Mac)
  • Automatically the application will offer you the available updates to download them to the USB key.
  • Once completed, plug the key into the vehicle, engine running, the system will automatically suggest you install the updates.
  • After the update, the widget should appear with the others.


Coyote application price for r-link 2.

1 year: 99€

3 years: 199€