Contact the renault assistance: the Helpline

July 7th, 2021

Since 2013 Renault has set up direct access to assistance for users in case of questions or problems with Renault multimedia systems like R-Link. This assistance is called Helpline.

  • France : 0170489258 /
  • U-K : 0344 335 0000 /
  • Ireland : 1890710200 /
  • Spain : +34 902011076 /
  • Belgium : 078600007 /
  • Netherlands : 0800 0303 /

Here is the information that I recommend you to put in your mail (or have it at hand in case of a call) to save you time and avoid unnecessary exchanges at the beginning:
β€’ The VIN of the vehicle (box E of registration card: number starting with VF1 for Renault or UU1 for Dacia)
β€’ The R-Link serial number
β€’ The software version of the R-Link.
β€’ The state of the Network with a photo (especially if it concerns a connectivity problem)
β€’ If possible, pictures to illustrate the problem.