Android Auto and Waze on R-Link 1.

Last update: January 23rd, 2018

Renault give the possibility to have Android Auto (and also Waze) on R-Link 1 Evolution. Instead of R-Link 2, it’s not possible to have Apple Carplay (iPhone).

How to know if my Renault R-Link 1 Evolution is compatible with Android Auto?

Go to Settings, you should have an option Smartphone Mirroring.

Android Auto was integrated in the renault factories from week 15 in 2017 for the Clio IV phase 2. The functionality is present on all Captur phase 2.

How use Android Auto on R-Link 1 Evolution?


Waze on R-Link 1 Evolution

To use Waze on Renault R-Link 1 Evolution, you need to use Android Auto (sorry for iPhone users’). Install the Waze application on your phone. After lauching Android Auto on the R-Link, click on the navigation button you will have the choice between Google Maps and Android Auto. Enjoy!


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