R-Link 2: install an update yourself

Last update: January 29th, 2018

Until then Renault had a big problem with the R-Link 2 compared to the old systems (R-Link 1, Media Nav): it was impossible for the customer to update itself. The passage in a garage was obligatory!

Small “revolution” (or then return to a normal situation …) Renault has updated the page www.renault-multimedia.com to offer us a new update: This update is installable yourself! No need to make an appointment in a garage.

This update concerns the branch 2.2.xx (Nothing for branch 3.3.xx) This one brings the following fixes according to the explanatory file available on the site:

  • 100% real-time traffic info
  • Very recent map updates on the
    R-LINK Store.

That tells you something? This is normal, it looks very much like the update.

What is the interest of this update? It will allow the vehicles stuck in to move to oneself. You will then finally be able to take advantage of traffic info and the latest maps! Great! If you are in, there is no added announcement on the site so you do not need to rush on the update.

This update can only be installed from version or DO NOT INSTALL ON ANOTHER VERSION! THE GPS WILL BE OUT OF SERVICE AND THE WARRANTY WILL NOT PAY FOR THE OPERATION !! if you are with version or lower, the appointment in a garage is mandatory.

If you do not have the correct version, the site should deny you access when you enter the VIN.

How to install the update? Follow the guide!

The settings of the R-Link 2 will not be reset except for the previous routes but also navigation favorites (and as it is ALWAYS not possible to save them …).
  • Your R-Link 2 is in or . (It’s important, I insist!)
  • Go to www.renault-multimedia.com
  • Click on the U-K website.
  • Click on the banner (or access via this link )
  • Enter your VIN (you will find it on your registration / registration card), it starts with VF1.

  • Download the ZIP file of more than 600 MB.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and put the “R-LINK” folder in the root of a FAT32 formatted USB key. In this R-LINK folder you have a file called “mm2014_upgrade.lgu”. (The folder with the file is more than 1 GB)
  • Eject the key of your computer correctly.
  • Go in your vehicle and start it.
  • Insert the USB key
  • The system will now scan the usb key and verify the integrity of the files present on the key. The system will seem to be frozen for 2 minutes: no worries. Do not remove the key!

  • A message will eventually appear asking if you want to install the update. Click on YES

  • Now patience! The system will restart several times to install the update, obviously we do not cut the engine and we do not remove the USB key!

  • A pop-up will ask you to restart. Click on YES

  • A pop-up indicates that the installation went well and asks us if we want to remove the update of the USB key. We click on YES

  • Remove the USB key.
  • Check on the screen Menu / System / System Information (2nd page) that you have the correct version installed (for example
  • To check if you benefit from a map update, I advise you to reconnect the USB key to the vehicle and wait 2 minutes.
  • Then connect the same key to your computer and open the R-Link 2 Toolbox and the R-Link Store to check for updates. If so, you can download them and install them in the car. Otherwise you can always subscribe to a new subscription to receive the latest cards via the R-Link Store!
A little trick that seems to work: if the new map is not automatically proposed via the R-Link 2 Toolbox after applying the update, download from the R-Link Store a free application (Clock for example) and that seems to unblock the situation.

You will now benefit a truly functional and effective live traffic info as well as the latest maps (welcome to the 12.2016 version). To get the last maps, you can plug again the USB key to R-Link 2 to do a footprint and plug in again to your computer to use the R-Link store and the R-Link 2 tool box (see this page)

A PDF guide is available


We are not going to sulk our pleasure of being able to update itself without going through a garage which in addition, icing on the cake, unblocks the situation of R-Link 2 blocked for no reason in!

20 Responses to “R-Link 2: install an update yourself

  • James Mackay
    1 month ago

    I read your article on the r-link update I have 2-2-17 version in my car but when I put the Vin number in the update box it say not compatible yet my car wad first registered in February 2017. Should I just take it to the garage and let them sort it out. Thank you.

    • admin3553
      1 month ago

      Hello, are you sure you have the version in your car?

      Since you have your car, has your garage made any updates to your R-Link (2.2.15 -> 2.2.17 for exemple) ?

  • Hi the same thing has happened to me it’s saying not compatible Renault updated my software a few weeks ago I am currently running the

  • Hi, I`m from Slovakia, I just downloaded the new version of R-Link 2 according your instructions. I would like to know, whether the Slovak language mutation will remain in my car after the installation or not.


    • Hello. Yes I just update it and Slovak language remain. Hej ostala slovencina. Horsie je to s mapami, s 2014 mi update-lo iba na 06.2015 :)) asi budem musiet zacalovat… Avsak neviem ci sa to vobec oplati v 2018 je mapa z 2016… V r-link store sa neda ani update map zakupit, asi bude treba zavolat na tu linku..netusim..

  • I downloaded the zip file with no problems but when I extracted it, it was not in an “R-LINK” folder. Consequently when I put just the file onto the USB stick it would not update. I had to make an “R-LINK” folder on the USB stick and then put the extracted file into it and then it installed perfectly.

  • Al Marshall
    3 weeks ago

    I downloaded the zip file and installed ok, now on software but I’m not getting the connect button to activate the Live info traffic, any ideas please

    • admin3553
      3 weeks ago

      If you don’t have the connect button, that means it was already activated. To see if you are still in the free period go to the R-Link Store. 😉

      • Al Marshall
        3 weeks ago

        Thanks very much for your help, after installing the software update I went back onto the R-Link store and found I now have map updates and traffic for the next 816 days so that worked a treat, just installed map 2016.12 and all works fine. Thanks again !

  • From Portugal – It works! Tanks!
    It was and mappackage_tt feu – 2014_12 with extra mappackage_tt_feu_high – 2015_16.
    Now i have and maps 2016.12.

  • Fernando
    3 weeks ago

    I need to know if I will keep the Spanish language after the update Thank you

  • Petko Petkov
    3 weeks ago

    Hi all, for my VIN there is no update when i check in this site. My version of r-link 2 is Can you help me how can I download new update?

    • admin3553
      3 weeks ago

      Read again the page, it’s explain why you can’t use this update with your version!

      • Petko Petkov
        3 weeks ago

        Entering the VIN number is the message:
        Sorry, this upgrade is not available for your Renault car. Please check the number.

        • admin3553
          3 weeks ago

          It is normal. This update isn’t compatible with 2.2.15. you must go to your renault dealer to get an update, no choice.

  • I have version Went to the website, put my VIN and downloaded the file.
    When I try to install it, it says I have a newer version, so it does not install anything!!
    What might be wrong?

  • Lorenzo
    2 weeks ago

    I hope this update will solve the many R2Link problems related to FM and DAB radio tuner. The radio often does not tune into FM stations properly and the textual information of the RDS is absent even in DAB.

  • Slawutich
    1 week ago

    What could be the reason when a car with R-Link2 failes to update due to VIN incompatibility? I also have the same message /Sorry, this upgrade is not available for your Renault car. Please check the number/

    I mean, there are some technical differences or what?
    Dealer cannot help. I am stuck in an old version of R-Link2 and a map from year 2015… :/

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