R-Link 2: Android Auto, Waze, Carplay

Last update: January 23rd, 2018

It is possible to have Android Auto (and so Waze) and also Apple Carply from your iPhone on Renault R-Link 2.

How to know if my R-Link 2 is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay?

Go to System and on the second page there must be the “Smartphone Replication” icon.

Renault gave me the information, here are the dates when the functions were introduced on the production lines.

  • Scénic, Kadjar, Mégane: Week 16 (but ordered after 6 March)
  • Espace, Talisman: Week 15
  • Mégane Sedan: Week 17
  • New Koleos Android Auto & Apple CarPlay available from the beginning of sales.

How use Android Auto?



How use Carplay on R-Link 2?

Waze on R-Link 2

To use Waze on R-Link 2, you need to use Android Auto (sorry for iPhone users’). Install the Waze application on your phone. After lauching Android Auto on the R-Link 2, click on the navigation button you will have the choice between Google Maps and Waze. Enjoy!


Increase the size of Android Auto

On R-Link 2 in portrait mode 8.9 inches (large size) when launching Android Auto (and Carplay), only a small part of the display is used:There is a trick to increase the size of Android Auto as below:


  • Open Android Auto on the phone
  • Go to “About” in the left side menu
  • Click 10 times on “About Android Auto” in the title bar to enable developer mode.
  • Go to the top right menu to select “Developer Settings”
  • Go down the list to check the option “Allow 720p video output”.

Now Android Auto occupies a much larger part of the R-Link 2 screen! (performances may depend of phones).

The different steps in pictures:

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