Install Android Auto / Waze on R-Link 1

Last update: February 16th, 2018


The handling below may irreparably damage your vehicle, if you are not sure what you are doing do not do the handling. The site can not be held responsible.
This manipulation is a hack, it is not official, you can not get help from Renault if it goes wrong. Moreover on the R-Link 1, the USB socket does not deliver enough power, it can cause bugs.
Why the first R-Link 1 are not compatible with Android Auto? R-Link 1 was introduced in 2012, at that time neither Android Auto nor Carplay existed since they were presented in June 2013 and 2014. But whether it’s Google or Apple, there are hardware requirements that are imposed on car manufacturers. It was therefore not possible for Renault to integrate and deploy them on the first versions. It was therefore necessary that Renault slightly change its hardware on the R-Link 1 released in 2017 knowing that the validation of the evolutions is a process much heavier in the automobile than in the world of the smartphone for example in particular because there is security issues. . This explains that even if it’s frustrating I grant you

Internet is incredible, smart guys have found a way to install Android Auto on all Renault R-Link 1 marketed even the first. As it’s a little mess on the web, so I compiled all the info. No need to ask your garage Renault to do so, its computer equipment is not able to activate the function.

Interested? follow the guide!

To enable smartphone replication (Android Auto / Apple Carplay) on R-Link 1 there are some prerequisites:

  • Own the latest software version of R-Link 1 ( see this page )
  • Have an ELM interface like this (all are not compatible, this one is recommended)
  • Download the DDT4all software ( click here ), an open source program made by an enthusiast. see his website )
  • Find a recent DDT2000 database (it’s up to you)
  • Modify an ODB extension

The very first thing to do is to modify the ODB extension. Why? The interface is made to work on the classic CAN of the vehicle so pins 6 and 14. But the calculator of R-Link 1 is on a secondary CAN (12 and 13).

So you have to change the extension to get the following situation:

  • pin 6 ELM side to pin 13 OBD side
  • pin 14 ELM side to pin 12 OBD side

Once all this is done let’s start.

Install the DDT4all application on your computer.

Download and install the drivers for the interface ( see this page ).

Copy the DDT2000 database to the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ddt4all directory.

Start DDT4all and check that the interface (connected) is detected by appearing on the first window.

If the interface appears well, you can go to the vehicle and connect the probe to the ODB socket of the vehicle using the extension . To find out where your ODB socket is, you can visit this site.

Select your interface, check the box as you are aware that you should not do anything and select “connected mode”.

Activate the Expert mode (Einstein icon at the top), then select the after sales mode from the drop-down menu.

  • Select your vehicle.
  • Choose MFD 4.6
  • Choose from Screens: 13 – ECU configuration ADAS. ..
  • Choose the Screen tab at the top.

On the main screen choose the following options:

  • SPVR for iPhone: Present (to use SIRI with a long press on the voice command button just in Bluetooth even if you do not have Carplay)
  • Android Auto feature: Present
  • Mirror Link feature: Not Present
  • MW activation: Not Present (if you want to disable these radio bands so that they do not appear anymore)
  • LW activation: Not Present (if you want to disable these radio bands so that they do not appear anymore)
  • SPVR for others Phones: Present (to get the Google Voice Assistant just in Bluetooth even without plugging in and running Android Auto).

Then you just have to click on WRITE ECU Config (the big yellow button) at the end of the modified lines.

On the lower part you will see the frames of writing scroll. Once that’s good you can restart the R-Link 1 by pressing the Home button 5 times.

The feature is now activated! You can benefit from Google Maps, Waze directly on R-Link 1.

Here’s what it makes in a Megane 3.

Note that the Joystick is perfectly taken into account just as shortcuts Maps / Audio / Phone …

However, USB plugs do not provide enough power to charge the phone, so some phones may discharge slightly. The discharge is more pronounced when using Android Auto in the foreground than in the background. For example using Deezer via Android Auto and the classic navigation of the R-Link I noticed that it worked well!

To use the voice command of Android Auto, it will be necessary to make a long press on the button. She is damn good.

This is a manipulation that offers new possibilities to R-Link 1! I adopted it on my Mégane 3, and use it daily for Deezer!

Enjoy! 😉😎

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  • Sergiu Miclea
    3 days ago

    Thank you so much for this article. Do you have a picture of modified OBD extension or a more detailed explanation on the whole process for doing that?

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