How to report an error on the map of the R-Link?

November 18th, 2020

Despite regular updates, there are some errors in the R-Link 1 & 2 GPS map.

TomTom provides a website where changes can be reported. The correction will not be immediate and it will be necessary for TomTom to validate it before integrating it into an update.

The website is TomTom Map Share Reporter

On this site after registering, we can point out almost all possible errors on a map: problem of address (number, street …), change of direction, blocked road, limitation … As you can eee we have the choice.

After selecting a category, you will be able to place the green thumbtack at the exact location of the problem. Then a form appears where we will be able to specify errors and facilitate understanding of TomTom.

Then it is possible to follow the progress of the corrections:

Here are the different possible states:

  • Pending: We’ve received your Map Report and we are currently evaluating it. We’ll let you know soon if we can use it.
  • Accepted: Your Map Report has been evaluated and accepted! We have updated our map database ready for the next map release.
  • Fixed: The next map release will contain your Map Report change. The change will appear soon in online maps or in a map update for your device. Thank-you for your help with keeping the maps up-to-date – we look forward to your next Map Report!
  • Not accepted: Your Map Report has been evaluated but we have decided not to use your suggested change. Thank-you for your feedback – we look forward to your next Map Report!