R-Link 2: Promotion for last map 06.2017 and 3 months of Live Trafic.

July 11th, 2018
GPS R-Link

Renault has launched a promotion “Summer pack” for R-Link 2 on the various European stores (with the exception of France).

Indeed the offer allows to benefit from the last European map (06.2017) and 3 months of connectivity which includes TomTom Live traffic info for 39.90€ (or £30) . This offer may be interesting for those who want a GPS update for the holidays, traffic info to get out of bad situations. To purchase the summer pack, you must go to your R-Link store account.


This offer is intended for vehicles delivered before 01/01/2017 because after this date, vehicles have 3 years of updates and connectivity whereas before this was only one year.
To be able to have the last version of the map it is necessary to have at least version

If this is not the case 2 situations:

  • You have the you can do the same system update from the site renault-multimedia.com.
  • You have a version or lower, it will be necessary to pass in a garage to make the update.

More information on software update on this page.

5 Responses to “R-Link 2: Promotion for last map 06.2017 and 3 months of Live Trafic.

  • Hello thanks for info, do you know this promotion concern turkish store I mean tr.rlinkstore.com ?

  • Hello. What about Poland. I logged to my R-link store and I didn’t find this promotion.

  • Guy CALLET
    5 years ago

    bonjour, le passage 90 a 80 KM/H depuis le 01/07/18 n’est pas pris en compte !!!

    • Non , effectivement comme dis sur la version francophone du site la mise à jour des 80km/h arrivera le dernier trimestre 2018. C’est pourquoi cette promotion ne concerne pas la France mais les autres pays européens. ?

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