R-Link 2 : update available

Renault has just published a new update for the R-Link 2.

This update is This update is for systems equipped with the 7.x branch (therefore The update can be downloaded and installed directly from this page of the easy-connect website.

This update fixes Android Audio and improves Bluetooth compatibility.

When you connect the USB stick to the R-Link 2, it takes up to 3 minutes (it’s long so be patient) for the installation pop-up to appear.

11 Responses to “R-Link 2 : update available

  • Nicholas Drew
    2 weeks ago

    The download is not working from this page is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Nicholas Drew
    2 weeks ago

    You can not down load the update.

  • They probably found some bug with the update and disable it.

  • I already have the from the car dealer

  • Did you have the update done by the dealer at the same time as a service or did you just take it in for a software update which I understand is free if its in warranty?. No info on update 161 on GPS R-Link?

  • Insaimz
    2 weeks ago

    I downloaded via toolbox. Did not try to instal yet in car.

    What does mean update improves bluetooth compability? It is just about bluetooth connection with mobile for for phone calls and sms? Or it let to connect aundroid auto via bluetooth?

  • Tried to update via tool box and it just says “There are no downloads” so unable to down load that way?

  • Just downloaded it and try to install in my Koleos. My car said, ‘you can’t install an older version….’ But the version in my car is…anyone same issue? I live in Mexico.

  • Updated from to
    – First time it said you cannot install an older version.
    – Removed USB and put it back again in different port. Had to wait a couple of minutes before it said there’s a new software update available, do you want to continue?
    – Then it asks to continue, it will result in reboot of system.

    Update ran for about 4 minutes, then finished.
    – Did not find any difference yet except the version number.
    – Will have to wait and see if it improves Android audio and Bluetooth compatibility.

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