The GPS bug of April 6th for Renault cars.

April 15th, 2019
GPS R-Link

Many articles have been published recently about this bug of April 6, 2019, the question is: is the GPS of my car affected?

According to Renault, only two systems seem to be affected:

R-Link 1: to update it see the procedure on this page.

What will happen if I don’t update R-Link 1? With the bug, the time is no longer displayed and the estimated time of arrival is also not displayed on the R-Link 1.

Clio 4, Capture, Scenic 3, Mégane 3, Twingo 3, Laguna 3, Latitude, Trafic, Master.

For some people, the R-Link gets stuck on the startup screen (with the R-Link logo). To unlock the situation, you must disconnect the USB sticks and SD card, turn off the engine and restart the engine. The system should start normally, you can then replace the SD card. If it doesn’t work, switch off the engine and close the car during 40 minutes.

R-Link 1

Carminat TomTom no Live (2009-2011): to update your GPS see the procedure on this page.

What will happen if I don’t update the Carminat TomTom? With the bug, the Carminat TomTom screen will be frozen, blocked.

Clio 3, Laguna 3, Espace 4, Scenic 3, Mégane 3.

Carminat TomTom

The following systems are therefore not affected by the bug, so you have nothing to do.

R-Link 2 et MediaNav.


R-Link 2

No information about the “old” systeme like Carminat DVD.

2 Responses to “The GPS bug of April 6th for Renault cars.

  • Hello,

    I completed the RLink 1 update less than a month ago (see my previous posts) and since then my screen blacked out 5 times, leaving me with no voice control, no TomTom map / live, no rearview camera, no time, no phone, no stereo = NOTHING – just a completely black screen. I noticed that since the update was done the screen was not displaying the Data Sharing Permission message any more… then the following started to happen 5 times:

    1) TomTom live not available on the day
    2) Sound cutting off and not being able to come back on when switched on/off (even rolling the wheel at back of sound stick would not do anything… trying to change from USB to radio was not responding)
    3) Voice control unavailable (could not use handsfree, could not call/receive calls, would not alert of excess speed, no voice direction from TomTom live…)
    4) Screen blacks out (when driving – which is unsetling as you wonder what else is going to cut out … especially when driving at 70 miles per hour on motorways)
    5) Not able to turn screen on/off – stays as black screen – not even displaying the time / temperature which you normally have when system is switched off.

    I never had any problems wih RLInk1 until I did this update. (I have had my car from new from November 2014)
    Car now booked in dealership so that they can resolve the issue. Very frustrating as I need the map live (which I renewed 3 months ago for £100) to travel through Birmingham and on 2 motorways every day.

    I am not happy and I sent a message to Jean-Phillippe Roubes
    Director, Customer Experience (who keeps on sending me reminders and letters to do this update!) mentioning the above as the update might need to be re-updated to avoid other RLink1 users to experience the same problem.

    I will keep update on what dealership will say.


    • Same issue here on a Megane 3 with RLink1. Started OK, then couldn’t maximize the map screen, then screen is black (not even backlight on). What did the dealership say?

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