Easy link 9.3: first review, smartphone replication, settings (3/3)

January 28th, 2020
GPS R-Link

Part 1: Global presentation

Part 2: Navigation

Part 3: Smartphone replication, settings

Part 3: smartphone replication, settings.

For all the settings of the vehicle we note the desire to simplify the menus with representations of the vehicle where just click on the item that you want to change. This is fine for setting Adas or multisense as you can see in the photos.

Nothing specific to report for the phone part, I let you look at the pictures.

Forecasting, I took my cable to test smartphone replication. As on R-Link 2 this is displayed in full screen (if smartphone powerful enough for Android). Once the phone plugged into one of the 2 USB ports (that’s good there are two Peugeot hello …), we just have to click on the top of the screen to access the functions. After that it’s classic about Android Auto or Carplay.

The 360 Β° view function was present on the vehicle. Unlike the MediaNav system, we have a unique view with 4 views at the same time. Tabs at the bottom of the screen allow you to quickly choose what you want to display. Pressing the physical key makes it easy to launch this screen on demand.

The 7-inch cluster is very easy to set. The button on the steering wheel allows you to select which area you want to change and then use the vertical arrows on the steering wheel to scroll. No map display (only navigation arrows) for the 7-inch cluster, the map is reserved for the 10-inch version.

The different cluster styles are set from the Multisense settings.

They insisted on the ease with which they can add new features. So Coyote will arrive later, as the possibility of paying for parking from his vehicle for example.

We spoke again of the application “My Renault” true Arles, which should arrive in a few weeks. This application will locate his vehicle, send a destination to the system (for example from Google Maps, very convenient), unlock / lock his vehicle and finally turn on the lights and trigger the horn. I did not see a live demo of the app on a smartphone.

It was a first grip of the system but overall the record is positive especially for this non-final version. There is progress to be made on responsiveness but I was warned that this was the priority for the launch of the vehicle. Navigation in the menus is quite natural and many reflexes from the world of the smartphone have been taken which should facilitate the use. At the launch of the Clio we will have the choice between the 7-inch version without integrated navigation but with smartphone replication (Android Auto and Carplay), like the Twingo restyled) or the high-end version 9.3 inches, the one presented here. A 7-inch version with integrated navigation is well planned but no picture has yet filtered.

Part 1: Global presentation

Part 2: Navigation

Part 3: Smartphone replication, settings

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