Review 360 camera view

August 1st, 2018

I had the opportunity to drive a Duster 2 recently.

First, having driven the 1, I can only salute the huge progress made with this generation. The most glaring is the interior with a beautiful dashboard and the overall comfort of the vehicle!

The MediaNav is finally at a comfortable height to be used: it was too low on the first generation. We note below a button bar very rewarding as air conditioning controls that are much more enjoyable to watch and use than the controls of a Clio IV / Twingo III / Captur.

The counters of the Duster 2 are very pleasant to read, the central screen have several shades of gray. The overall backlight is white, more modern than the old orange.

This Duster was equipped with 360 Β° vision, a first for the Dacia brand (and unavailable on the Renault range …). This function can be activated on demand (under 20km / h) with the button (camera icon) to the right of the shaped bar.

Unlike high-end systems, you have to manually select the camera you want to use, there isn’t a full 360Β° view on the screen. The power of MediaNav (very limited) must be one of the reasons for this technical choice. When reverse gear is engaged, the system automatically switches to the rear view. If you go back to the front, the front camera is used. In practice this rocker forward / back is very practical during maneuvers and requires no manipulation of the screen. We can switch to side cameras if necessary for special situations (sidewalks, pads …).

Being able to have a 360 Β° view system on a Dacia brand vehicle, I can only applaud the performance!