R-Link 2: 2017.06 map version available for 7 inch version

May 24th, 2018
GPS R-Link

In mid March, Renault published the 2017.06 Europe cards for the R-Link 2 large format (8.7 inches portrait).

It is now the turn of the 7-inch version (landscape) to receive an update. This will be available from the R-Link Store (on your My Renault account) and you will need to use the R-Link 2 Toolbox.

Obviously to enjoy it you must have a valid subscription or be in the free period (thing visible in the section My applications and services.)

Example where the subscription is active:


Example where the subscription has expired:


It will then be necessary to buy one year of subscription to benefit from the last update. (I remind that it is necessary to be minimum at version and to be able to benefit from it).

One Response to “R-Link 2: 2017.06 map version available for 7 inch version

  • Kutluay Selçuk
    6 years ago

    renault declared free Europe map update for model year 2015&2016 whome is finished free update period kadjar owners in Turkey.we are waiting the last published map

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