Carplay: Google Maps and Waze arrive with iOS12!

June 4th, 2018
GPS R-Link

Apple is doing its big annual conference for developers: WWDC 2018.

As every year Apple introduced the new version of its operating system: iOS12.

This new version brings a lot of news that I will not expose here, there are many sites that do it very well. There is ONE that caught my attention and will be very enjoyable for many users of the apple and R-Link 2.

It will be possible to use navigation applications other than Apple Plans: we think of Google Maps but also Waze. A photo taken during the conference.

Great news! The final version of iOS12 will be available in September!

One Response to “Carplay: Google Maps and Waze arrive with iOS12!

  • SportSpider
    5 years ago

    Unfortunately for now, third party Navigation/Mapping apps not working with CarPlay in iOS 12 beta 1….

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