Various Bluetooth problems with solutions

July 19th, 2018
GPS R-Link

An article to describe 2 small Bluetooth concerns currently found on Renault systems.

R-Link 2: Problem to select the audio source for iPhone

Regarding the R-Link 2, several messages indicate people wanting to stream Bluetooth music iPhone from an application such as Deezer or Spotify. Problem: The Bluetooth audio source is not available (it is grayed out).

This problem seems to affect the latest versions 2.2. Waiting for a Renault fix there is a way to fix this bug: just place an MP3 file on the iPhone using iTunes, no matter it does not matter. Once in the iPhone, you can select the Bluetooth audio source normally from R-Link 2 and stream music from your favorite application.

If you do not have an MP3 file at hand here is a beautiful with the song of a bird: the reed bunting. Bruant_des_roseaux (right click to download)

Android 8.1

Another concern spotted recently linked this time with Android 8.1.

With this version, after a while the GPS (R-Link 1-2, Medianav) indicates that there is no network available (even if it is the case). This bug does not prevent receiving calls or Bluetooth streaming. However it is not possible to launch a call from the system (message that the network is unavailable), it will launch directly from the phone.

According to Renault, this is an Android bug and so Google must provide a fix for phones. This version of Android is very little broadcast at the moment: only on a few phones, mainly Nokia and Pixel.

No problem found on version 8.0


I created a new page to centralize the commun questions: link.

2 Responses to “Various Bluetooth problems with solutions

  • Hi Admin πŸ˜‰ ,

    I have same problem you describe in section “Android 8.1” but with Nokia 7 plus with Android 9 Pie and Rlink2 (
    I have latest Andorid Security Patch instaled and latest rlink2 version. Did you know how to fix it? Do you know some kind of workaround or only what I can do is wait for patch which fix my problem? But I’m not sure where is the problem. Android or Rlink2 side?

    Best reagards

  • The call problem is not restricted to Android 8.1. R-link 1 and Android 9 (Pie) doesn’t work either. Can’t launch call from the system.

    Running latest r-link version (1.344)

    I find it hard to believe that it’s a Android bug, i’ve test in other Bluetooth/multimedia systems and it works perfectly.

    Any knowned workaround?

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