R&Go: The 2.3 version brings Waze widget.

July 24th, 2018
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R&Go is a smartphone application done by Renault

I recall the principle of the system: the vehicle is equipped with a car radio equipped with a clamp to put a smartphone (or a small 7-inch tablet).
On this smartphone we install the R & Go application (Android and iOS) and it connects via Bluetooth to the car radio.

With this connection it is possible to do a lot of actions:

  • Control the radio and play the music on the phone
  • View vehicle information such as the eco driving score, lap count, oil temperature (Clio, Captur), engine temperature and even the reversing radar (Clio and Captur)
  • Check the phone functions from a suitable interface and read the SMS.

Here is a photo of the car compatible with this app for the following vehicles: Twingo, Clio, Captur, Kangoo, Master and Traffic.

Since the first launch there has been a big update, the V2, which has first of all a huge redesign graphic to be up to date. Then it was possible to use another browser application, we could then choose between the main market: Google Maps, Waze … A shortcut can then return from the browser application to R & Go.

Version 2.3 which appears today brings one big new feature:

The possibility of putting a Waze widget on the home page of the application. It will easily launch guidance to his home or work. The guidance information is displayed in the Widget while navigating with the remaining distance and the estimated arrival time. It is possible to search easily for a petrol station or a car park.

In order to benefit from the widget, you must have previously downloaded the Waze app on your smartphone. Then, simply select the Waze widget in the R & Go interface to benefit from the essentials of the application without losing the key information on your vehicle thanks to the full integration of the widget.

Small detail for the Widget, to put 2 small, you must drag the second widget directly on the location where you want to put it.

In short it is an application that deserves attention for those who have a compatible vehicle.

Developer: RENAULT SAS
Price: Free


Developer: Renault
Price: Free

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