R-Link 2: 2019.12 maps are available.

November 18th, 2020
GPS R-Link

A new map is available on the R-Link store.

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Version 2019.12 is available for download. As usual, if you have a valid map subscription, the update will be automatically proposed in the R-Link 2 Tollbox software on your computer. The update deployment is phased over several days.

To update R-Link 2 see โžก this page.

If your subscription is no longer valid, you can purchase it through the R-Link store for 84โ‚ฌ (Europe) for one year (so normally 2 updates).

3 Responses to “R-Link 2: 2019.12 maps are available.

  • Hi! My R-Link store doesn’t give an opportunity to download this. I shows that I have an active MAP OF EUROPE V2019.06(RELEASE STORE 2020.Q2).

    When is the download possible? The map has lot of mistakes in it.

    Regards, Jouko

  • Marinaio
    2 years ago


    When will come a map update for R-link 2?

    Although I have a subscription for map update, I couldn’t get a map update for R-link 2 since November 18, 2020……

  • When will the next map update be available?
    Latest 2019.12 two years ago???
    Has R-link 2 been completely forgotten???

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