OpenR Link: Waze available!

December 7th, 2022
GPS R-Link

It was a promise during the presentation of the Megane EV and the Austral: Waze will arrive natively in OpenR Link via the Play Store.

And that’s it, πŸŽ‰ Renault just announced yesterday that it was the case. If you’re a user of the app, you no longer need to use your smartphone with Android Auto/Carplay to enjoy it.
Just download the app via the Play Store to install Waze in OpenR Link. Personally, I think it’s a good thing because since I’ve been doing smartphone replication, I’ve noticed a very fast aging of my smartphones’ battery. Another advantage is that Waze will use the GPS antenna of the car and will have access to the speed of the vehicle, so it will be much more accurate in tunnels compared to Android Auto/Carplay.

Some details:

  • The data used by Waze will be deducted from the vehicle’s data plan. 3GB offered at the time of purchase and then you can either subscribe (2GB for 5,99€/month or 5GB for 9,99€/month) or connect to your smartphone in wifi access point mode.
  • No replication of the map in the meters, we will just have the big arrows to change direction as on Android Auto / Carplay. Renault did not want to say if it would happen one day or not.
  • No integration of all the functions around the electric vehicle seen on Google Maps: trip planner taking into account the battery and the charges, estimation of remaining autonomy at destination, pre-conditioning of the battery at the approach of the fast charge…

Here it is, I’ll test it very soon. 😊

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