R-Link 2: Google Maps and Waze available on Apple Carplay.

September 28th, 2018
GPS R-Link

As announced a few months ago during Apple’s presentation of iOS12, it is now possible to choose another navigation application that Apple Plans.

Indeed, you can benefit from Google Maps and Waze directly on the screen of your R-Link 2 using an iPhone (before that was possible via Android Auto).

To benefit 2 things are needed.ย First install iOS12 on your iPhone.ย And then update Google Maps and Waze via the Store to get the latest versions.ย And that’s all!ย Normally you should see the icons of the 2 applications on the screen of your R-Link 2.

I recall that Coyote also announced that the application will eventually be compatible with Carplay.

A very good news for iPhone owners.

3 Responses to “R-Link 2: Google Maps and Waze available on Apple Carplay.

  • Yes very good news but it would be better if we could use full screen of RLink instead of this limited small view. Is it maybe possible to make it bigger?

    Thnx in advance

  • Tom Polman
    5 years ago

    With Android Auto this is possible by setting it in DevelopersMode. Didn’t find the option for Carplay jet unfortunaly.

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