R-Link 2: bluetooth and Carplay problem with Apple iOS13

October 14th, 2019
GPS R-Link

Apple and Renault R-Link 2 by Bluetooth, it’s a long love story.

It seems that the version iOS13 and iOS13.1 available for a few hours on Apple terminals cause problems with Bluetooth and/or Carplay with R-Link 2.

The solution to fix the problem is describe at the end of the article.

Indeed, the terminal disconnects and reconnects permanently making it impossible to use hands-free or streaming music (Deezer, Spotify …). The impacted versions appear to be the branches v2.x.x.x , v3.x.x.x and v7.0.x.x. Feel free to indicate in the comments if you have the problem and your version of R-Link 2.

EDIT: it seems that if we disable the contact synchronisation in iPhone settings the Bluetooth connection works.


If the iPhone was already connected to R-Link2 before iOS13 update, you can disable contact synchronization in the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings for R-Link2. (Settings-> Bluetooth-> click the blue i on the R-Link connection and switch it off)

If this is the first time that you want to connect the iPhone to R-Link 2, you must stay on the Bluetooth menu screen of the phone until the first synchronization of contacts is completed (it may take several minutes) . It is therefore necessary to keep the screen of the iPhone turned on so that the bluetooth of the iPhone remains visible. Once synchronization is complete, you will need to disable contact synchronization in the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone for R-Link 2.


If you are with the R-Link 2 (or version and you have problem with Apple Carplay you need to update to the (or, ➡ see this page

The bug seems on the side of Apple, so we will watch the patch.

97 Responses to “R-Link 2: bluetooth and Carplay problem with Apple iOS13

  • Paulo cardoso
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, I confirm
    the terminal disconnects and reconnects permanently making it impossible to use hands-free
    I have a r-link 2

    • Craig Lee
      3 weeks ago

      iOS 13.1.2 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone. This update:
      Fixes a bug where the progress bar for iCloud Backup could continue to show after a successful backup
      Fixes an issue where Camera may not work
      Addresses an issue where the flashlight may not activate
      Fixes a bug that could result in a loss of display calibration data
      Fixes an issue where shortcuts could not be run from HomePod
      Addresses an issue where Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles

      • Craig Lee
        3 weeks ago

        Hey everyone down load the new update and this will now fix the issue !!

        iOS 13.1.2 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone. This update:

        Bluetooth may disconnect on certain vehicles

        • Jan Forster
          3 weeks ago

          No, in most cases, see below, it did not fix anything. Also not in my case. Running iO13.1.2 on an iPhone 8, r-link 2 latest software, creates still massive BT connectivity problems once you activate contacts synchronization.

          • The same here. I’ve the update and i still have problems once i active the contacts sync.

          • Daniel
            3 weeks ago

            I updated to iOS 13.1.2 and have R-Link 2 Software-Version (Boot-Version 5476) installed.

            I repaired my iPhone and now it seems everything works fine again. I will do some long term tests and give a feedback as soon as possible. I let the sync settings active for the R-Link BT connection on my iPhone


          • Daniel
            3 weeks ago

            Still the same problem. I thought everything is good again, after installing iOS 13.1.2, but I have still disconnect/connect flipping

    • Matthijs
      3 weeks ago

      Here’s the fix!!
      There must be a single number in Apple Music. This does the trick, contacts sync can stay on.

      • Puoi spiegarti meglio? Cosa significa avere un solo numero in Apple Music? Grazie

      • What do you mean exactly a number in apple music?

        • Matthijs
          3 weeks ago

          Audio file

          • Milan
            3 weeks ago

            i have in music files so it still doesn’t work for me… so matt, nothing of the fix…

      • Jan Forster
        3 weeks ago

        Are you working for Apple 😉 ?? That doesn’t make any sense… I/we have music files on the phones, not necessarily apple music, but it doesn’t change anything. Are you seriously meaning buying Apple Music (and paying monthly) does the fix? Just having one audio file of Apple Music on the iPhone makes the synchronization of contacts possible again without disturbing the BT connection? Why should that help??

        • I confirm there is no need to have a music file or to buy Apple music to solve the problem with iOS13. 😒 (It was the case to solve an old problem link with old R-Link 2 version) .
          The fix is the one describe in the article: deactivate the contact synchronisation. 😉

    • Daniel
      6 days ago

      For all german language readers

      heise.de wrote an article about this BT issue.


  • Yes i have the same problem here. Unusable after update on iOS 13. How to disable contact synchronisation?

  • Michael Bay Mørkeberg
    4 weeks ago

    Same problem here with IOS 13 on an Iphone 7 plus on an R-Link 2 with (R-Link 2 generation 2.1)

    Bluetooth contiously connects and disconnects, and streaming music via bluetooth is not always possible .. media not available…it just switches between DAB Radio and FM Radio instead of bluetooth between those two.

    I will try to disable contact sync later today, and write my findings.

  • Kadjar006
    4 weeks ago

    No problem with version

  • Kadjar006
    4 weeks ago

    I can also confirm that switching of contact synchronisation (Settings-> Bluetooth-> click the blue ! on the R-Link connection and switch it off) seems to do the trick for now and restores Bluetooth functionality.(

  • Russell
    3 weeks ago

    I can connect ok, however my media screen in the car keeps freezing or going off completely! Sometimes freezes on reverse camera screen.

  • Reinhard
    3 weeks ago

    I’ve got two iPhones, an iPhone 7 and an iPhone Xs. Both connect with R-Link 2 (running with the latest version), but also disconnect immediately after a few seconds since iOS 13.1 was downloaded. The iPhones recognise R-Link 2, but I can neither play music (saved on the iphones), nor use the hands-free device. R-Link 2 also recognises my smartphones, but simply doesn’t connect anyway. Is there any chance to fix this really troublesome problem? I paid a lot for possessing a car with this certain features. The solution with the synchronisation doesn’t work at all, and I don’t suppose it’s Apple’s fault indeed. What can Renault offer us customers?

  • LaurentS
    3 weeks ago

    Ok I test the solution and it’s working fine for me

  • Kadjar006
    3 weeks ago

    Dealer tells me there seems to be a problem with the configuration of the bluetooth chip in certain R-Link2 systems. An update of the bluetooth chip is needed and can be done by your dealer.

    • This trick solved only the connectivity but not the media
      I cannot select the phone as a source

  • Confermo anche io nonostante aggiornamento dal concessionario Renault all’ultima versione software dell’Rlink 2 il telefono continua a sconnettersi e a riconettersi, ho chiuso la sincronizzazione dei contatti e non si disconnette piu, ma a volte la musica del iphone non si riproduce (pensa sia dovuto alla mancata sincronizzazione). Ma di chi è la colpa? suppongo apple che con ios 13 a creato qualche problema all’rlink. Con la versione 12 funzionava tutto bene. A quando l’aggiornamento?

  • with 13.1.1 ugrade problem still persisting 🙁
    iphone xr, renault kadjar

  • https://support.google.com/wearos/thread/14837034?hl=en

    seems it is not problem online with r-link…apple please!

  • Daniel Wallace
    3 weeks ago

    Ive has an issue where you can see the iPhone in source but it just keeps playing DAB even though the media screen has changed to iPhone. Another issue I am having is I will be listening to DAB, get a text message and it will say signal lost and it goes silent: nothing but issues with R Link 2.

  • And confirmed that disconnected ‘synchronize contacts’ did the trick and r-link connects with Spotify again. Thanks!

  • Jan Forster
    3 weeks ago

    I can confirm as well that the “trick” (deactivating synchronization of contacts) did it to me. It is working. Still the question if it is a R-Link 2 system issue or an Apple issue (here: iPhone 8, iOS 13.1.1, R-Link 2, latest software, 3…16.986, Koleos II). Jan

    • Apple issue of course….before IOS 13 update everything worked ok…

  • Herwinus
    3 weeks ago

    Can confirm too. Iphone 7 ios 13.1.1 stil have troubles keep connected.
    Other family iphones with ios12 still stay connected without problems.

    End of the day i’ll give it a try without sync contacts option.
    If this won’t help: i’ll connect my cable and use Car play 🙂

    And also: if there is after a restore action through itunes not a single song or album in your music app r-link won’t activate the source “iphone” for music.
    After adding a single song all the other music and streaming apps will work fine and the source will be available.

  • I also can confirm that after the iOS13/13.1 update my iphone8 continuously connects/disconnects from the R-link2 (v2.2.11.803) and the”iPod is already connected by USB. Disconnect from USB. Then, try again.” error message appears on the R-link screen.
    It is interesting that 2 other family iphone7 with iOS13.1 work properly with the same R-link2.
    Hope Apple will fix this disturbing bug soon.

  • Aggiornato a 13.1.2 ma il problema persiste nonostante nelle info dell’aggiornamento diceva che risolveva problemi di disconnessione bluethoot sulle auto. Anzi ho notato che ora non si sento i file multimediali salvati sull’iphone anche dopo aver chiuso la sincronizzazione contatti

  • Confermo che a me il problema lo ha data anche con ios 13.1.2 iphone xr

  • Dimenticavo il problema è sul mio veicolo Scenic iv con R link 2

  • same situation with 13.1.2 r-link2 kadjar 🙁

  • And even with 13.1.2 the apple didn’t solve the problem. We hope there is a new update that solves it. The problem that persists is that not synchronizing the contacts I don’t see them on the link 2

  • Same here. Continuously disconnects and connects after the latest phone update. 😤

    • Jan Forster
      3 weeks ago

      Did you try to disable the contacts synchronization? In most cases, then you should have at least a more stable BT connection. It works for me.

      • Thank you, yes I did so this morning and it works but this still should not be happening at all. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.

  • Jan Forster
    3 weeks ago

    “And even with 13.1.2 the apple didn’t solve the problem. We hope there is a new update that solves it. The problem that persists is that not synchronizing the contacts I don’t see them on the link 2” – Same here, I have to confirm (iOS 13.1.2, iPhone 8)… still not working; and if I activate synchronization of contacts, the BT connection comes and goes, disconnects all the time and then reconnects. No improvement at all.

    • Wolfgang
      3 weeks ago

      I can confirm that 13.1.2 does not address the problem. iPhone Xs max.
      Was in touch with Renault support. They confirmed the problem to be on iOS side.
      We need to wait for a bugfix from Apple. Annoying..
      For now switching of syncing is a workaround that is stable enough to be used.

  • lot of BT problems in Apple 🙁

  • Same problem with IPhone XS 13.1.2 still no stable connection with my Renault Megane 4 ..so frustrating 🙁

  • it’s ios 13 isuue for sure..
    everything was working great till i update my iphone xs to ios 13..
    hope apple fix this soon

  • Roy Coombes
    2 weeks ago

    I also am having the same issue since updating IOS, Bluetooth connects and disconnects constantly unless I turn updating contacts off.

  • Same problem with iOS 13.1.2, the bluetooth keep disconnecting and no able to play my music file anymore.
    I have R-link2 on a Scenic IV

    • Do you have disable the Bluetooth contact synchronisation?

      • Deactivating contact sync solved the problem, now it doesn’t disconnect from Bluetooth and streaming of music files works again. Thank you

  • I will try and let you know. thank you

  • Ahmed Medhat
    2 weeks ago

    I have same problem also music streaming is not working or works then stops

    • Have you tried the solution described in the article???

  • Roy Coombes
    2 weeks ago

    It’s not a solution it’s a work round, Apple need to get a fix out

  • Paul Vale
    2 weeks ago

    Hi all. I was only aware of this issue yesterday as my iPhone 7 updated from iSO 12.4.1 this weekend. I obviously then found an issue with the phone connecting to my Renault KADJAR R-Link system Bluetooth then trying to use the phone through the voice controls on the steering wheel.

    So because of this has anybody contacted apple support direct yet to hear their take on this situation with the Bluetooth dropping in and out when contacts sync is switched on in the Bluetooth icon field. I have today and I am waiting for them to contact me, direct, as apple support are unaware of the issue between iSO 13.1.2 and R-Link 2 car audio systems. Your information would help and I’ll keep all posted.

    • i’m still waiting support to callmeback (5days) :-))

  • I won’t hold my breath then. 😡

  • Jan Forster
    2 weeks ago

    Wouldn’t expect too much from Apple… I had “support” twice on the phone (in Germany), and as usual, they blame Renault and Renault blames them…

    • There are several infos I found from other bluetooth hardware vendors with the connect/disconnect issue after upgrading to iOS 13.x.

      At the moment, we have to use the workaround and waiting on Apple for the „patch“. I think all vendors with more or less the same problem will contact apple trough their developers to address the issue.

  • Jan Forster
    2 weeks ago

    BTW, if you look here (Apple Forum) you will find already 35 pages of complaints… https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250659886?page=35

  • Hi All.

    Very quickly, I will confirm apple have just contacted me and have given me a procedure to follow to assist in rectifying the problem. I will attempt to follow the procedures and come back with the outcome. I promise, either way, I will inform all so fingers crossed. Paul 👍

  • Apple also gave me all the procedures but they didn’t work

    • Hi all.

      As promised this is where we are, wait for it, back at the beginning. NO JOY.

      Apple requested that I delete all setting between phone and R-Link 2 radios system in my Renault KADJAR, 2017 model. Once deleted they asked me to rename my phone in system settings of my iPhone 7. With this I had to then go to the car and go through the stages as if I was setting up a connection for the first time between the iPhone 7 and the R-Link system. As was the case originally, this was very simple and all my contacts loaded up straight away into the hands-free system. The apple assistant remained on the phone with me whilst I carried out his requests and when the connection was made I began to talk to the assistant through the hands free R-Link speaker system of the car. At this stage I was absolutely over the moon as the connection did not drop out and I was able to move between speakers and the phone itself by turning off the Bluetooth connection in the phone. This lasted for about 20 minutes with no problems talking and disconnecting phone from R-Link syatem.
      Once our conversation was complete I closed the call and I thought I would start trying the hands-free steering wheel buttons to try the voice prompts to call family members. Again this worked perfectly with no issue and they too called me back on the phone to test the connection. This too worked fine.

      Then the original issue started again, as when I started the engine to drive home the start up connection failed between the iphone and R-Link system by tripping in and out continually and no contacts loaded.

      As is what happening to everyone else as soon as the connection was made the device began to slip out between the iPhone and the R-Link system so back to square one. I will attempt to contact my apple contact in the morning and state the issue remains and like everyone else I believe the issue is the update of iOS 13.1.2.

      Sorry all but at least I tried and it worked whilst the engine was turned off. Really gutted I updated my phone on Saturday night.

      • Hi, you don’t tell me anything new is the same test that I performed, at first it seems to go then it starts again. Apple must definitely solve the problem, it can’t wash its hands.

  • Jan Forster
    2 weeks ago

    Same here, same testing, same results…

  • Jan Forster
    2 weeks ago

    I did the same, time ago, same test, same results…

    • please show tomorow apple support this our conversation and conclusions….

      • Hi Milan.

        This was my plan as I had already informed them of where I got information from as it was all new to me yesterday and many on here have had issues for over a week.

    • Hi Jan.

      Thanks for your reply and I will sound off to the Apple assistant in the morning. One question I have thought of is have you or do you know of anyone who has in the past week updated their R-Link system as I for one have not carried out an update for over a year as all was working fine.

      • I updated r link 2 at the renault dealer on my scenic but nothing has changed

      • Jan Forster
        2 weeks ago

        I updated my R-Link 2 system a few weeks ago, but this didn’t affect anything. It is the latest software available. It was before iOS 13 came out. So, I believe, it is definitely not the R-Link system as I read in the Apple Forum a lot of other stories concerning different devices. It seems to be a iOS 13 problem.

        • Thanks Jan as I thought that was the case from what I have read

  • This problem was recently highlighted on Twitter, with many Apple Watch owners sharing images of their Apple Watch with popped-out screens but complaints about this issue date back to at least September 2015. It seems that the issue stems from the battery. As the battery ages, it swells, taking up more room in the Apple Watch s tiny innards, and forcing the screen out. Oddly enough, having the screen hanging out doesn t seem to bother the watch much, and there are videos of it continuing to work.

  • Bonjour
    Idem, même problème avec mon iPhone et le 13.1.2 déconnexion intermittente, en attente d’un correctif

  • Bonjour,
    oui j’ai appliqué cette solution et ça marche, en désynchronisant les contacts.

  • Hi all.

    I have today been contacted by a Apple engineer, who was an American guy called Devon, and we spoke at length for over an hour. Devon fully understands the situation and was prepared to assist in many ways that I fully appreciated. I made him aware of this forum and he was able to read all the accounts left here along with other sites where other people were having issues. He later called me back to ask if the issue was still the same once I had driven the vehicle which I personally thought was very respectful of him.

    Now this is where we are and you will not be surprised to know we are still in the same position and he is personally on the case and agreed he would call me back next week when I return from holiday.

    What I did at Devon’s request was, STAGE 1, to switch on Bluetooth and go through the usual process of connecting to the R-Link 2 system when the engine was OFF. The Contacts Synchronised button was switched on on the iPhone. The contacts from my phone loaded up as normal onto the system with no issue. All the time the Bluetooth stayed connected.

    STAGE 2, I then stated the engine and it still stayed connected and the Bluetooth never dropped out once. Devon the requested that I turn the engine off and close everything down and disconnect the Bluetooth and turn it off on my phone. After a few minutes he then required me to turn on the phones Bluetooth leaving the contacts synced switch on and start the engine up. The Bluetooth connection then started to drop in and out as everyone else are experiencing showing the issue is still there.

    Now the next step was to go through the same procedures explained above in STAGE 1 with the engine turned off and the all contacts were synced to the R-Link system again with no issues. He then requested I turn off the Bluetooth connection from phone to system and not to start the engine and come away from the vehicle and lock the doors. I then turned on my Bluetooth switch on the iPhone away from my vehicle but made sure the synchronised contacts switch was turned OFF and left off. I then went to the car and opened it up and started the engine straight away and the Bluetooth connected to the system was made and the usual message come up stating the hands free and audio steaming had been made. The Bluetooth connection did not drop out at all and because all the contacts from my phone and R-Link system were already in place I was able to make a number of call from the hands free on my steering wheel via the speech request button and again I had no issues. Please remember at this point the Synced Contacts button on the iPhone was switched off and was to remain that way. The Bluetooth connection did not drop out and we agreed I would monitor the Bluetooth connection for the next week.

    I have today driven 125 miles and the Bluetooth connection remained connected between phone and R-Link system and I made a number of calls from the hands free steering wheel through voice control, again with no issues. All my contacts were still registered on the R-Link stereo system too.

    Now I know this is a short term fix and not a long term solution but at least I have the personal email of the Apple engineer who has been tasked with looking at the problem and we will remain in contact to correct the issue.

    Sorry for the long winded reply but I did say I would let you all know where we are with the issues we’re all experiencing.

    Take care and any questions please feel free to make contact but I’m away with the family at the moment so if I don’t reply straight away I’ll get back to you later. Paul.

    • Jan Forster
      1 week ago

      Thanks, Paul, for your detailed report!! Unfortunately it did not work with me although following exactly your instructions. Only work around for me in the moment seems to be to deactivate contact synchronisation in my iPhone BT settings. And just to be complete: I use a R-Link 2 system, newest software, in a new Koleos 2. Jan

      • same in my case , not working…r-link2 kadjar, iphone xr

  • Wlodek
    1 week ago

    the same in my case, does not work, r-link2 kadjar, iphone 8 plus

  • Viktor
    7 days ago

    I tried disabling contact sync with an iPhone 7 with 13.1.2, but the problem is still there.
    When making a phonecall, if the call is done in the first 5 minutes of drive, it will have several fails.
    If 13.2 doesn’t solve this, then I must get another phone, since downgrading is not possible… Bye bye iPhone… IOS13 upgrade literally broke the phone without possibility to restore it back.

  • updated tonight to ios 13.1.3 but the problem persists

  • Wlodek
    2 days ago

    I also confirm, the problem still exists, Renault Kadjar, iPhone 8 plus

  • Hans de Jong
    26 mins ago

    Problem with R-Link on Megane witch 13.1.3 connect/disconnects persists!!
    Apple what a blame!

    • It seems that the fix will arrive with iOS 13.2 😉

      • Jan Forster
        3 mins ago

        Hans: “Problem with R-Link on Megane witch 13.1.3 connect/disconnects persists!!
        Apple what a blame!” – Try to deactivate in the iPhone’s BT settings the contacts synchronization… then it should work – it is at least a workaround for the moment…
        Admin.: “It seems that the fix will arrive with iOS 13.2 😉” How do you know?

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