My Link: the first pictures of the Google system.

January 16th, 2021
GPS R-Link

This morning Luca de Meo presented the “Renaulution”, an ambitious plan to revitalize the Renault group. I will not detail this plan, the press will do it much better than me.

During this conference, there was teasing on the Easy Link replacement. It will be called My Link and it is well done with Google.

Luca de Meo talked about the partnership with Google that I mentioned in โžก this article of 2019. This partnership brings many advantages described in the article including the arrival of the official Play Store, do not hesitate to read it!

We can see that Google maps is the default GPS!

The Play Store will allow to download new applications as well as navigation (Waze) and audio streaming applications.

Images of the future cluster that will equip the electric Mรฉgane next year.

Confirmation of the possibilities of updating the vehicle:

In short, I can’t wait to find out more, because this system is a real breakthrough for me, not only in terms of Renault’s systems but also in terms of the competition.

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