TomTom and Renault have finally released a new update for the R-Link 1 maps.

April 12th, 2021
GPS R-Link

Since last Friday it is possible to download the V1055 maps which is a big step forward and a good news for the owners of this GPS.

Indeed, the previous maps were the v1015 which dated from June 2018. The v1055 maps have data from August 2020. The system is again up to date and will allow to take into account the multiple changes of speed limit which took place these last months but also the new roads because in 2 years the road network evolves nevertheless.

You can get the update from the R-Link Store.

I hope that now Renault will keep the rhythm of 3 updates per year as it was the case last year.

If you have a valid map subscription you can get the map now (and should receive a notification in the vehicle).

Note that the 3-year subscriptions have disappeared, only the one-year subscriptions remain.

I remind you the prices of the subscriptions (normally 3 cards / year)

Europe: 1 year – 89.90€

How to update a R-Link 1 map? ➑ READ THIS

3 Responses to “TomTom and Renault have finally released a new update for the R-Link 1 maps.

  • I am waiting for the 10.45 chinese card with hte eight CID. I don’t know why you don’t know about that update. When someone will upload the 10.55 update I will order another card.
    Anyway thank you for your news and site.
    This site made my R-Link 1 run Android Auto!

  • have a captur 2015 r link evoultion. Renault has remove all maps from their r link store. Where can i buy the lastest maps for uk

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