R-Link 1: v1070 maps available

August 10th, 2021
GPS R-Link

Renault has just released the v1015 cards for the R-Link 1.

Renault has released the v1070 cards for the R-Link 1, very recent maps since they date from May 2021! A very good news for the customers!

If you have a valid map subscription you can get the map now (and should receive a notification in the vehicle)

I remind you of the subscription rates (normally 3 cards / year). The 3 year subscription seems to have disappeared.

  • Europe
    • 1 year – 89.90 €
  • France
    • 1 year – 59,90€

I don’t know the price for other courntries.

To find out how to update your system: ➡ This page

2 Responses to “R-Link 1: v1070 maps available

  • Any news for R-LINK 2? The maps are still December 2019 and I wonder what the subscription I paid for is for. Does it make sense to renew it with these times?

  • Casper Dik
    3 years ago

    The v1015 in first paragraph should be v1070 as well

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