Easy Link: update 283C35202R

November 9th, 2021
GPS R-Link

Renault is deploying since this summer a system update for the Easy Link system.

It is the update 283C35202R and it concerns the second software branch of the Easy Link system. The first branch concerns mainly the first Clio 5 and Captur 2 produced.

This update is deployed in FOTA automatically, i.e. directly via the car’s 4G connection. All the download and installation is done seamlessly. On the other hand, for the last step of the installation, a pop-up will ask you to install the update (case encountered for the Easy Link 7 inches without navigation, I think it is more transparent for the versions with navigation 7 and 9.3 inches), it is then installed in 5 minutes engine running.

When we think about R-Link 2, we can only welcome the ease to install the updates on Easy Link, everyone can do it, no more excuses. We just have to wait for the update to be proposed in the car.

This update brings several improvements:

  • A mute button in direct access to cut the navigation voice (or reactivate it). Before you had to press it and then at the bottom of the screen.
  • Improvement of the long press (the time to press with the finger has been shortened).
  • Overall, a better reactivity of the whole.
  • Alternative routes are more easily accessible.
  • Home/work shortcuts directly accessible after pressing the navigation menu and the search bar.
  • Enlargement of the touch area of the traffic bar.
  • Successive presses on the Multisense button allow to switch modes (My sense, sport, eco…), it was necessary before to select it on the touch screen, the multisense screen disappears by itself after a few seconds.
  • Removed the E-Save mode in Pure Mode for plug-in hybrids (which is much more logical).

I have updated the software version summary table on ➑ this page. I’m thinking about a new presentation to make it more digestible.

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