R-Link 2: Update software

Keeping your R-Link 2 GPS up-to-date is important. There are 2 elements that can be updated: the system (software, firmware) and the map.

First of all there is the system software in general of R-Link 2: the operating system. You must be as up-to-date as possible because it’s like your phone or computer: the most recent versions correct bugs, improve performance and bring new features.

How to know the version of my R-Link 2?

To check the cartography you have to go in: NAVIGATION / OPTIONS (bottom right) / ABOUT.

To know its software version it is necessary to go in the following menus: SYSTEM / INFORMATION SYSTEME

There are 4 different versions for R-Link 2: 2.X, 3.X, 7.X and 8.X To determine the branch, the start of the software version number is based on the System Information menu.

What is the latest software version available for R-Link 2?

BranchYour software VersionUpdate software yourself?The latest software updateLast update map compatible with your software version
2.x.x.x1.4.15.905No ❌*

or if the dealer do the update.
Read the article
2015.06 Europe published in June 2016 ❌ ❌ ✅ ✅*

or if the dealer do the update.
Read the article
2019.06: published in February 2020 ✅
3.x.x.x3.3.15.41xNo ❌

or if the dealer do the update.
Read the article
2019.06: published in February 2020 ✅ ✅
7.x.x.x7.0.24.12xYes ✅ published in February 2020 ✅
8.x.x.x8.0.32.30x-- published in February 2020 ✅
9.x.x.x9.0.33.43xNo ❌ (update possibility to not confirmed)2019.06: published in February 2020

Explanation of the “Update software yourself” column?

No ❌ ➡ You need to go your Renault Dealer to get the update.

Yes ✅ ➡ Can do the update using yourself ➡ see bellow

The seems to be available for all systems of the 2.2.X.Y branch.

2 situations:

  • Your version is lower than (so from to the garage will pass you in without problem.
  • Your version is you can flip a coin. It is best to first ask the helpline if the vehicle (with the VIN number) is compatible before going into a garage. The helpline will be able to tell you whether it is good or not to make an appointment to perform the update. If the vehicle is not compatible today, the helpline forwards the file to the technical teams so that it becomes according to the returns of other members. See this page to install the


Renault does not communicate much about the changes between the different updates. version fixes a bug that caused problems with the bluetooth for Android phones 6.0 Marshmallow. version fixes the possibility to get the last map update, errors with live trafic and DAB message (highly recommend to do this update). version fixes a DAB problem. solve bluetooth problem with iOS 11 (iPhone) version fixes the errors with live trafic and DAB message. (➡article)

  • map problems
  • improve bluetooth compatibility. (➡article)

  • Shortcuts (navigation, phone and audio) at the top of the screen.
  • Shortcuts on the map (checkered flag) to directly access the Destination menu
  • Display of the type of traffic information used (the medium TMC RDS or the greatTomTom Traffic) (➡article)

  • Improve Android Auto
  • Improve Bluetooth compatibility (➡article)

  • Full screen for Android Auto and Carplay
  • Shortcuts in the replication screens and exterior temperature.
  • Auto-zoom deactivation.
  • Climatisation widget (➡article)

  • Bug corrections

How to update the R-Link 2 software?

At the beginning of R-Link 2 it was not possible to update the system yourself. A visit to a garage was then mandatory.

Since 2018, it is possible for some versions to update on their own. In the table above, you can see it with the column “Update software yourself?”.

Explanation of the “Update software yourself” column?

No ❌ ➡ You need to go your Renault Dealer to get the update.

Yes ✅ ➡ Can do the update using yourself ➡ see bellow

  • Go to www.renault-multimedia.com
  • Click on your country
  • Click on the banner (or access via this link )
  • Enter your VIN (you will find it on your registration / registration card), it starts with VF1.

  • Download the ZIP file of more than 600 MB.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and put the “R-LINK” folder in the root of a FAT32 formatted USB key. In this R-LINK folder you have three files (The folder with the file is more than 1 GB):

  • Eject the key of your computer correctly.

Installation in the car

  • Go in your vehicle and start it.
  • Insert the USB key
  • The system will now scan the usb key and verify the integrity of the files present on the key. The system will seem to be frozen for 2 minutes: no worries. Do not remove the key!

  • A message will eventually appear asking if you want to install the update. Click on YES

  • Now patience! The system will restart several times to install the update, obviously we do not cut the engine and we do not remove the USB key!
  • A pop-up will ask you to restart. Click on YES

  • A pop-up indicates that the installation went well and asks us if we want to remove the update of the USB key. We click on YES

  • Remove the USB key.
  • Check on the screen Menu / System / System Information (2nd page) that you have the correct version installed (for example
  • To check if you benefit from a map update, I advise you to reconnect the USB key to the vehicle and wait 2 minutes.
  • Then connect the same key to your computer and open the R-Link 2 Toolbox and the R-Link Store to check for updates. If so, you can download them and install them in the car. Otherwise you can always subscribe to a new subscription to receive the latest cards via the R-Link Store!

Bluetooth Problem with iOS 11 (iPhone) and R-Link 2

It seems that the R-Link 2 up to version included is affected by a problem of permanent connection / disconnection of the Bluetooth of the iPhone rendering inoperative functionality. Version does not seem affected .

Concerned people can contact their favorite Renault garage to ask to update the R-Link 2 (and therefore switch to which should solve the problem according to this message on a forum:

Here, as expected, MAJ R-Link 2 made today. Everything works again with my iPhone 6s under iOS 11. Good news!