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The website arrives on Twitter and Facebook

Hello, I’ve created social account on Twitter and Facebook if you want to keep a link with the website!

R-Link 2: Promotion for last map 06.2017 and 3 months of Live Trafic.

Renault has launched a promotion “Summer pack” for R-Link 2 on the various European stores (with the exception of France).

Carminat TomTom: v10.10 map version

Tomtom has just published the v10.10 version of their maps.

Carplay: Google Maps and Waze arrive with iOS12!

Apple is doing its big annual conference for developers: WWDC 2018.

R-Link 2: a version appears!

Until then, we knew version 2.2.xx and version 3.3.xx for R-Link 2.

R-Link 2: 2017.06 map version available for 7 inch version

In mid March, Renault published the 2017.06 Europe cards for the R-Link 2 large format (8.7 inches portrait).

R-Link 2: version available with toolbox

Yesterday, we discovered that the update was available via the site renault-multimedia (see the article).

R-Link 2: new update

Renault is in great shape now for updates!

R-Link 1: new v1000 maps.

Renault has just released v1000 maps for R-Link 1.

R-Link 1: new 11.343 version

Renault has just released a spring update for R-Link 1.

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